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Wednesday, February 08, 2023
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Is God Good? Reflection in Lockdown

By EMN Updated: Mar 29, 2020 11:04 pm

Sitting by the window, overlooking the empty streets, except for the few sparrows enjoying the shade under the bleeding mango tree cause by the dry, humid weather, I wonder if God is really good. As I reflect upon the grim realities that surround the world today, I began to understand that, the ways of God are higher than us; and His thoughts are higher than us. (Isaiah 55:9) I realised that I was selfish in my thoughts and so I put away my selfish thoughts away to understand if God is good. Upon reflection, I am convinced that God is good in the midst of uncertainties and hardship. Here are some of the reasons why.

•             God is good. Imagine if Covid-19 had started in Myanmar, India or Bangladesh. The infection and death toll would have been unimaginable.  Who knows, it could have already killed lakhs of people. But God in all its wisdom and mercy gives us enough time to prepare. Still, we are threadbare away from being in worst condition than the first world countries.

•             God is good. Countries like China, US, France, Italy, with their unprecedent technologies and economy are struggling to contain it but the price is ghastly. The only possible option to limit the spread of Covid-19 is through social distancing, sanitizing and self-isolation. Even that, we are finding it difficult to comply. Those people who comply will have a greater chance of survival.

•             God is good. The carbon emission has been reduced drastically due to the lockdown. Cancellation of trains, planes, jets, closing down of factories and industries, reduction in pollution through leisure tourism, littering streets have all contributed to the destruction of the world. The lockdown is giving space for our environment to breath.

•             God is good. Illegal drugs and alcohol have been a serious problem in our society. With the lockdown, many people who are addicted to illegal drugs and alcohol are forced to survive without it. Although it is painful for them, it is one of God’s way to rehabilitate them. It is an opportune time for pastors, counsellors and field workers to call them and encourage them and support them in their struggles.

•             God is good. All over the world, families can spend quality time with their loved ones. In this money driven world, many parents rely on schools and helpers to nurture their children while they toil away all their time and strength in search of wealth. The lockdown is a natural method to re-connect and revitalise family lives.

•             God is good. Families with marital problems are forced to face the demon inside their home face on. There is no plausible excuse to avoid it. Many husbands and wives will be relieved of their sleepless nights and tears caused by extra-marital relationships. It is a good time for every spouse to reflect upon their faithfulness, commitment and loyalty to each other.

•             God is good. The world all over is coming to terms with the fact that God is everywhere and God can hear us from churches, homes and offices. Temporary cancellation of worship services at churches forces the members to worship at home. It is a wonderful time to start family prayer fellowships and strengthen personal relationship with God.

•             God is good. The cancellation of worship services at churches encourages members to take responsibilities to shepherd their family in spiritual growth. They are less dependent on the structure building known as the church building and pastors to worship. It is an opportune time for pastors and church leaders to call their members and guide them in true worship.

•             God is good. There are thousands of good people in the world. Doctors and nurses who have lost their lives saving patients, volunteers rendering their helping hands, police and army personals carrying out exceptional humanitarian works.

•             God is good because God is providing us an excellent opportunity to introspect upon our lives and reflect our life styles in the light of the scripture. It is great time for us to immerse in the word of God and listen to the will of God.

•             God is good. God will never abandon His children. Even though the children are afflicted, faced with great trials and tribulations, the God who raises the dead will deliver us. He is our Hope. (2 Corinth 1:9-10)

Dr. Imna Imchen
Center for Christian Discipleship and Evangelism (CCDE)

By EMN Updated: Mar 29, 2020 11:04:32 pm