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Iron Gate Studios’ Valheim sells 1 million copies in a week

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Feb 11, 2021 7:32 pm
Credit: Iron Gate Studios.

Dimapur, Feb. 11 (EMN): Co-op survival game Valheim has sold more than 1 million copies in a week, its publisher Iron Gate Studios has said.

The Viking survival sandbox game was launched as an early access game on Feb. 2 and it has since been tearing up the Steam charts. Iron Gate Studios has posted on Valheim’s Steam page announcing the game’s rapid rise.

On Valheim’s Steam page, Iron gate Studios wrote, “This week may go down as the fastest, most powerful and biggest ever Viking invasion witnessed in human history. Why? Valheim has already surpassed one million sales in our first week on Steam Early Access. For measure, that is equivalent to roughly 8,333 Viking-crammed longboats heading to their next conquest! Not only have we surpassed our first huge milestone together, but the way you have all rallied your weapons and embraced Valheim has been incredible. In just over two years what our small yet formidable studio has been able to achieve is mind-blowing. We really want to thank you for the incredible support you’ve already shown us, with 160,000 peak concurrent users and over 127,000 peak viewers on Twitch on our first week alone, and this is only the beginning!”

Iron Gate Studios continued, “Our inboxes are filled to the brims with fantastic feedback and suggestions and we are overjoyed to see how engaged our community is in Valheim’s development. We are currently hard at work addressing issues some of our players have reported to maximize the game experience for more Vikings! We are super excited to continue working together throughout 2021, as we bring you tons of cool new content, improvements and … ways to die, through the early access and beyond.”

Valheim‘s success on both the Steam and Twitch platforms does not come as a surprise despite it being the debut game from Swedish studio Iron Gate Studios. The game was received with “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam during its initial release that ultimately propelled the game to the top ten list of games on Steam for concurrent users.

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Feb 11, 2021 7:32:37 pm