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Ireland Baldwin mocks dad Alec over angry voicemail

By IANS Updated: Sep 16, 2019 8:03 pm

Model Ireland Baldwin has mocked her father and Hollywood star Alec Baldwin during his Comedy Central roast, poking fun at the infamous 2007 voicemail he left for her when he called her a “rude, thoughtless, little pig”.

“Dad, I’m Ireland. It’s good to be here. I almost didn’t even know about it because I haven’t check my voicemails from my dad from the last, like, 12 years. It hasn’t been easy being the daughter of an iconic movie star… but I’m not here to talk about my mother… or her Oscar,” Ireland said, reports “”.

“A lot of people only know my dad as an angry guy, but he’s more than some lunatic that loses his temper. He also loses Emmys and Oscars and custody of his firstborn child, am I right? I actually have a lot in common with the people in this roast, because like them, I don’t really know you that well either.”

Ireland received the biggest laugh from her 61-year-old father when she quipped: “Well, a lot of people know my dad as that guy from the ‘Mission Impossible’ movies or that guy from ’30 Rock’, I know him as that guy from half my birthday parties.”

“Before I leave, I’d like to say something you never said to me, ‘Goodnight.”

This is not the first time Ireland has joked about the infamous voicemail he left her when she was a child.

Back in 2017, Ireland joked quipped that her father would never dream of speaking to her that way now because she “could kick his ass”.


By IANS Updated: Sep 16, 2019 8:03:10 pm
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