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Invest in Education

By The Editorial Team Updated: May 19, 2022 11:26 pm

It is crystal clear that Nagaland can no longer afford to recruit as many people as expected in the government sector. Lawmakers and officials have been reminding the public time and again that employment opportunities in public sector is dwindling; that the state, with the highest ratio of employees per population in the country, ends up spending a major chunk of its annual budget in paying salaries, which leads to compromising of funds for developmental projects. Unemployment is not limited to underdeveloped and developing countries. It’s a global issue. However, overdependence on government job, lack of entrepreneurial spirit, reluctance to adopt modern technology in farming, complacency, etc. have put Nagaland in a tight spot. The State of Inequality in India Report has put the state’s unemployment rate in 2019-20 at 25%, the highest in the country. The future does not look promising with less scope in public sector, as stated by several lawmakers, and no visible opportunities in sight in private sector as well. But this challenge can also be seen an opportunity for the young and capable people to explore new avenues, create employment opportunities and contribute to the state’s economy.

Addressing unemployment issue requires multi-dimensional approach. It is necessary to assess the problem, find out the causes and tackle accordingly. You know all is not well when some youth appear to take pride in saying that they don’t know how to do basic life skills like cooking, something not unfamiliar to most Nagas; when most students, including those pursuing higher studies outside the state prefer to look for government job in the state instead of writing competitive examinations and other avenues; when agricultural land in rural areas shrinks even as government officials encourage citizens to take up farming and boost production; and when there is visible trade deficit. Yes, government plays an important role in employment generation, especially by providing favourable climate for investors to set up firms in the state and ensuring political stability but there is a limit beyond which the government can’t go. So, to effectively address unemployment issue, change should begin from homes, community and the society at large. People should change their mindset and look beyond government jobs. The citizens should think beyond self-sufficiency and increase production in order to boost export. Above all, governments and individuals should invest more in education for social development, to generate employment opportunities and for long-term positive returns. Both parents and educators need to focus on developing critical thinking among students and encourage innovation. Young minds should be given the opportunity to grow, allowed to pursue their passion and excel in what they do. And not to forget the importance of investing in healthcare which contributes to output.

By The Editorial Team Updated: May 19, 2022 11:26:58 pm
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