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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Internet and Social Networking – The Modern Morung

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2019 12:02 am

By Kuneii Yimchunger

The human world has largely demonstrated frames of astonishing revelatory journey since the dawning of modern age spurring out from industrial revolution. The global cultural trends merged which in turn refracted our perceptual process of understanding of the world in and around. This process has been engineered to our need of venturing and scouting for habitat, for dominance and control of our own survival sources. It peaked on our civilization the emergence of internet and the platforms it offers on constant networking contraptions. We have attained a pedestal of high yielding networking made viable exclusively through the internet and social networking sites.

The emerging demographic cohort of generations — the Millennials and Generation Z have been fazed out ostensibly in conventional labels to have been puppeteered by the corporations for cornering their market and the inactive aspects of social adequacies associated with the increasing virtualization of networking. The list goes on on how the internet has robbed off the innocence of ignorance and oblivious harmony that comes with the package. It also impacts on the chemical composition of mood swings which is inextricable frequently on our regular day lives. We tend to check our Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram etc. notifications on a near-constant basis because the anticipation of a response/virtual socializing spikes the cortisol level to infuriate a quick dispatch in addressing promptly.

Internet might have outlandishly replaced the previous decades’ peer activities that had a nonlinear audience so to speak, but this hasn’t diminished aficionados and enthusiasts who take interest in their craving of activities like athletics, music, acting, art etc. On the bright side it has introduced immensely the users on a whole new paradigm of interaction and communication not limited to subliminal development of pattern recognition in the neural network which leads to concise interpretation of facts and shaping of opinions that are impartial.

Indeed, social networking sites and the peer reviewed journals ubiquitously listed on the internet have endorsed us with concise diction and terms that connects polarizing concepts, all encompassing patterns and armoured our easily gullible and deceivable eyes from archaic and monotonous narratives and contracted designs that limits premise and comprehension. It is no longer a feat that’s conveniently possible to pull off by posting conjectures, purple prose, antinomy and fallacious content in the social networking sites or blogs. With the amount of information accessible at the press of a click it is not a ravishing fashion unheard of, moderating and debunking almost instantaneously inherently false information on online forums and groups. Playing the role of an ad hominem and straw man are out rightly discarded from the conversations on various topics. Our expressions are also richly reacted with gifs and memes to proportionally channel our feel and attitude over the instance.

It is not uncommon many earn their bread through online portals that are not locally positioned from where the user operates. This feature allows the user to save the trouble of having immigrated and the liabilities it compiles forth almost like a non regional protagonist with a mileage. “Aloha” with the advent of hyperloop when the world closely scales towards progressive globalization, maybe that’s when stringently-certain employment space in residential sources of output could shrink… or …with the striding of virtual reality (VR), we might just be bracing for an unprecedented universe to unfold in networking.

Without striking any obnoxious impulses ideally through this format of circumventing the variables, internet and social networking has taken vital form of a modern day’s Morung where the youth and all generations alike are exposed to authentic information and medium of communication depending on how an individual interprets and assign its use…to build a quality asset individual that has an open mind and altruistic visions and aspirations to significantly implement and impact the common knowledge and exposition of trends he/she learns. It is a statistical fact a contemporary high school grad student knows more about the universe than a 200 year scholar.

The power of the internet is not bound by confinement of data as it is ever expansive. Without the internet one can simply be lofty and articulated but fail to identity its own blind spots. It is self explanatory without fractal possession of information one’s mind could find itself regurgitating in petty moral horizons he reinforces as a tool to achieve goals and cramped motivational view that vibes across his societal framework. It is the fact that counts which fulfill our lives with unbridled revelation and truths where the age of information solicits abundantly via its neural network which in turn enhances our algorithm to make decisions. Our will is exponentially released from constraints that are innate and self destructive indefinitely on greater compounds thus building our essence profoundly imperative in our insignificant day to day lives… the life we have one shot to persevere, supplemented by vast directory of information and networking by the conjuring of the internet in the electromagnetic spectrum.

It is no longer the 80’s when the commercial computer first landed on the market and people bewildered by a futuristic gadget from the SciFi realms nor the 90s where a pager and handheld cellular phones were the hippest thing next to pop albums (without any puns; the people were only so much empowered and mainstreamed on technology and objective information that are preemptively essential). Need more be said! Perhaps it is time to allocate more optimism on technology and check out what the potentially warming up of earth has in store for all global citizens.


By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2019 12:02:11 am