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International Wetlands Day: Zoological Park talks fluid issues at event

By EMN Updated: Feb 03, 2019 12:19 am

Dimapur, Feb. 2 (EMN): A programme marking the 23rd International Wetlands Day was observed on February 2 at the Nagaland Zoological Park, in Dimapur. The event was organised by the Forest Department, with the participation of around 150 persons which included officers from the police, and Forest departments.

A press release from the Chief Wildlife Warden’s establishment on Saturday informed that the programme was sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change.

CM Chang, the minister for Environment, Forest & Climate Change and Parliamentary Affairs, was the ‘special invitee’ of the programme, the updates stated. In his keynote address, he spoke about the ‘dependency of human beings’ on forest and wildlife; that basic needs of humans are directly and indirectly met by forests. He said that nature, forest and wildlife can exist without human beings “but vice versa is not possible,” the press release stated.

The minister also gave a brief definition of wetlands and its importance in our life in addressing the issue of climate change, flood/drought control, rejuvenation of aquifers etc., the press release stated. He appealed to the participants to protect wetlands and be ‘against the inflow of pollutants and biotic interference, for addressing the issue of climate change.’

Likewise, Toshi Wungtuang, advisor to the Department of Information & Public Relations was the “guest invitee” of the programme, according to the press release. He was said to have ‘reminiscence his working days’ at the Nagaland Pollution Control Board and that “a good number of wetlands have disappeared due to biotic interference.”

He talked about the need for ‘rejuvenation all such wetlands’ as “many wetlands disappeared due to the myth that water bodies around the house are not auspicious.” People filled these water bodies, near their house, with soil. This myth is required to be dispelled, he said.
Satya Prakash Tripathi, the principal chief conservator of Forest, said in his keynote address that there are 421 wetlands, of small, medium and big sizes, spread over 215 Sq. Km. in Nagaland.

“This figure is as per the study of the Indian Space Research Organisation, Government of India. He informed that the Forest department is preparing project proposals for conservation and management of these wetlands for funding by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, GoI, New Delhi,” the press release.

Further, Obed Bohovi Swu, assistant conservator of Forests, officer-in-charge of Nagaland Zoological Park spoke about the maintenance of wetlands at Xukiye village by the villagers without any support from the government. This ‘resulted (in) the arrival of birds,’ the official stated.

During the International Wetlands Day event the participating children were given gifts by the “special invitee” and “guest invitee,” the updates stated. This was followed by a visit to “the wetlands” at the Nagaland Zoological Park, the updates stated.

By EMN Updated: Feb 03, 2019 12:19:55 am