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Inter-district boundary of Kohima and Dimapur district published

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THE Home Department General Administration Branch-I has notified that, in pursuance of the decision of the Cabinet Meeting held on 03-09-2013, the report of the R. Ezong Committee on ‘Inter-District Boundary between Kohima and Dimapur District’ has been published. The report has particular reference to the Jalukie Sub-Division of Peren in Kohima district (now Peren District) and Dhansiripar Sub-Division in Dimapur District for views/ objection of the public. The demarcation below is as per the report of the R. Ezong Committee.
Point 0-1, the proposed boundary line starts from the Point-0 confluence of R. Dhansiri (Dhemaki) and the small stream (no name) flowing down between Munglumuh and Jalukiekam villages. As the boundary line moves up stream crossing the main road across the culvert one small tributary meets the same river where the boundary line is following. The place at which the two small rivers meet is Point-1.
From Point-1, (confluence) the boundary line will move straight towards the Old Forest Rest House in the North direction, which is approximately 300 metres away from Point-L Leaving the Old Forest Rest House, the line will follow the approach road in the East direction till it reaches the ridge. From this ridge and leaving the approach road the boundary line will moves towards Daniel Village, but before reaching the village the line again proceed further to meet the hilltop in the East direction.
From this hilltop the line will move in the South-East direction crossing the confluence of two unnamed streamlets which will continue moving further straight to meet another confluence of two streamlets (no name).Thereafter, the boundary line will move up stream South ward till it meets the approach road between Jalukiezangdi and Shikavi villages on the lowest point (saddles). From here, the line will move downward in the Southern direction to meet R. Ketsiangkeiuki (Laidiling Disa) to wind up at Point-2.
From Point-2, the boundary line will move up stream of R. Ketsiangkeiuki for approximately 1 Km East wards Pokhaho village. Here the boundary line will follow a small stream in the South-East direction leaving the R. Ketsiangkeiuki to reach the top of a hill.
Once again, the boundary line will move down hill to meet a small stream till it ends up at R. N/Disa- Point-3(the lines so followed here is South of Pokhaho village).
From Point-3, the boundary line will follow R.N/ Disa in the North-East direction till it reaches the Old British/Forest road mark Point-4, which is approximately 2-3 Kms from the North of Jalukie Sangtam.

Point-4, the boundary line will follow a stream in the North-East direction which is tributary to Ballu Nallah/H.Disa to meet Point-5.
As the line follows R.H. Disa upstream in the South-East direction it will extend up to the top of a hillock (Aluto) South of Xekiye village at Point-6.
Leaving the hill top (Aluto) the boundary line will move along the hill range in the North-East direction up to R. Tsuhaureu. The boundary line will continue up stream in the south direction for approximately 800 mts. Leaving R. Tsuhareu here, the boundary line will go up to the approach roach that leads to Shikuto village. The boundary line will follow this road but towards Zutovi village for about 700 Mts to meet a small stream. It will continue to follow this downstream towards the East and meet R. Nkwareu (Langlung) Point-7.
From here, moving upstream in the South direction of R. Nkwareu for approximately 1 Km, the boundary line will meet a small stream. Here the boundary line will move upstream again in the East direction approximately 1½ Km and meet a point where two small rivers meet. Starting again from this point, the boundary line will follow the river northward till it reaches PWD approach road between Mhainamtsi and Kiyevi B. On reaching PWD approach road, the boundary line will move towards the North-East direction to reach the hilltop which is approximately 400 Mts. Away from the approach road. Leaving the hilltop, the boundary line will move downstream in the North direction and meet tributary of Balu Nallah. As it extends further North along the river and crossing ½ Km East to Vihoto village, the line will meet the confluence of R. Disagaphu (Hechiangru) for Point-8.
From Point-8, the line will go upstream in the East direction along the tributary of R. Disagaphu extending up to the hilltop which is approximately 3 Kms. from Point-8. Now from this hilltop, the boundary line will move further eastward following another nallah for approximately 800 Mts. to meet R. Khova (Tahai) at Point-9.
The boundary demarcation is purely for the purpose of Administrative conveniences and does not do away with the ownership of private/ village land which overlaps the Administrative jurisdiction.
In this connection, the Home Department has invited views/objections from interested party/parties within 30 days with effect from September 20 address to the Chief Secretary or Home Commissioner Nagaland.

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