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Infernos beat Runumole, win Chetheba basketball tournament

By EMN Updated: Dec 28, 2016 12:22 am

Dimapur, Dec. 27: Infernos from Kohima defeated Runumole by 31-20 in the final match to win the 2nd Open basketball tournament that was held here at Chetheba local ground on December 23.
During the game, point guard Keneisalie Keditsu of Infernos who was awarded the highest scorer of the tournament scored 13 points in the final match to outclass Runumole team. Kekhriesalie also finished with 8 points.
Throughout the match, Infernos team showed their superiority with their lead and Runumole never recovered from their missed opportunities that came their way during the match.
Zavekho Resu from Runumole scored 8 points but was not enough to lift the team as they felt short of 11 points in the final quarter of the match.
The tournament was organised by Therimave club from Chetheba Town, it was held on December 22 and 23 that saw eight teams vying for the championship. One team from Pfutsero (Alpha Wolves) and Kohima (Infernos team) was the main attraction for the tournament. Earlier, during the inaugural session, Vice Chairman of Chetheba Town, Mezahu Medeo shared his short speech and called upon the players to come together and help each other in times of need and further lauded the organising team for organising such a tournament in bringing the community together in the spirit of sportsmanship.
Zhovezo Resu, Club president in press release stated that the tournament was to bring the youth together through sports. He also maintained that sport is an area where people get to know each other and thereby the friendship is build within the communities even after the tournament.
The organising team Therimave in a press released expressed their gratitude to all the team who participated in the tournament and Chetheba Town Youth Office members in rendering their service during the tournament.

By EMN Updated: Dec 28, 2016 12:22:13 am