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Infant found abandoned in Dimapur

By Our Reporter Updated: May 24, 2020 11:31 pm

Our Reporter
Dimapur, May 24 (EMN):
A newborn baby was found abandoned near a culvert, wrapped inside a cement bag, at the state stadium near ADC court junction in Dimapur on Sunday afternoon.

It was around 2 pm when a passerby, Kurtiwarsaw Behera, heard the cry of the baby.

Behera said that he was ‘shocked on hearing the cry of a baby out of nowhere.’

He said that he called some youths from the area for help. Upon checking the wrapped bag, they found an infant inside. It was informed that they immediately informed the police about it.

Upon hearing the news, the police along with the Childline Dimapur team immediately took the infant for treatment at Nikos Hospital in Dimapur.

A member of Childline Dimapur, Jolly Rolnu, said that the personnel from West Police Station and Childline team have taken up the case, and further investigation is on.

She informed that the baby has been kept in the ICU for observation.

Rolnu said that, according to the doctor, the baby was not even a day old; and that the delivery was also done from one of the hospitals.

It may be mentioned that not long after the news went viral, concern for the infant echoed far and wide as citizens started visiting the hospital to extend help.

One couple, who wished not to be named, rushed to the hospital immediately after hearing the news to help the baby.

One of the couples shared that they had donated INR 5000, to one of the male nurses in the hospital, “for the baby’s immediate needs”.

By Our Reporter Updated: May 24, 2020 11:31:57 pm