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Industrial village members decry ‘encroachment’

By EMN Updated: Nov 26, 2013 11:42 pm

Dimapur, November 26

Residents of a colony called “Ex-UG khel” in Industrial village in Dimapur are unhappy at what they have alleged are “violation of various government standing order and Naga traditional land owner rights” and ‘encroachment’ into land areas being claimed by the village. The members of ex-UG khel have decided to oppose any encroachment and would check the “illegal devilment” in their claimed land areas.
Some government departments are even obtaining deeds for lands from the district administration, the representatives of the colony said in a press release received here today.
Members of ‘Ex-UG khel’ of Industrial village informed that they met on November 23 in the residence of the village’s chairman. They discussed the issue and undertook a number of resolutions, the ‘khel’ members said. The members have resolved to disallow “the encroachers to take up any development over their allotted land.”
“The house resolved that the khellers of the Ex-UG khel of IVR shall not allow the encroachers to take up any development over their allotted land and shall check those illegal development which is going on their land by violation of court order and they shall protect their allocated and from the hand of those encroachers at any moment unless the pending case is finalized from the court,” the first resolution stated.
Another resolution that the members of the area took was that a group of women would be sent “with some widows from ex UG families of the khel” in the village to approach the authorities in concern “to bring our allotted land in time for our early settlement.”
The members attending the meeting have “authorized the said women group to check the encroachers from any kinds of development over their allotted land.”
Likewise, the members were of the opinion that the lands allotted to the former UGs within the village “is not acquired by the government or any other agency till date.”
The press release said that they would “not allow anyone to take away our allotted rehabilitation land from our hand without any procedure of law.”
In this connection, the statement said, “It is learned that by violation of various government standing order and Naga traditional land owner rights, the Industries department / NIDC have managed to obtained a jamabandi / patta from the revenue branch, DC office Dimapur for the said suit land which can never be accepted by the ex UG khellers” as well as the council of the village.

By EMN Updated: Nov 26, 2013 11:42:23 pm