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‘Induction of Congress MLAs will weaken NPF party’

By EMN Updated: Mar 24, 2015 12:04 am

Dimapur, March 23

Fearing the general speculation that Congress MLAs will be inducted in the next expansion of the DAN ministry, Noke-led NPF today warned that such ‘strange political realignment’ will slice and weaken the NPF position in various assembly constituencies in the coming elections. “This development will negatively impact the body politics of NPF and the future consequences will be enormous. The responses of the people of Nagaland in that eventuality will be highly unpredictable,” said a statement issued by Press and Media Cell, NPF.
The NPF reminded the incumbent Chief Minister T.R. Zeliang and the ‘outgoing’ NPF President Shurhozelie that the people of Nagaland have given their unprecedented and overwhelming mandate to the DAN alliance which comprises NPF, BJP and JDU. The DAN alliance has 40 members in the 60-member house, wherein NPF has 38, BJP-1 and JDU-1.
When 4 NCP MLAs and 8 independent MLAs decided to join, the DAN allies made a total of 52 members. 3 out of 4 NCP MLAs decided to merge with BJP even though the final figure of DAN alliance remains the same.
“It is absolutely obvious that Congress being the principal opposition in the state, they will still remain in the same position even in the next 13th NLA as the principal opposition,” the statement said.
Noke-led NPF wondered as to why Shurhozelie has served disqualification petition to 20 MLAs of NPF while he and T.R Zeliang are all out in the public space to expand the DAN ministry with the help of Congress party.
“This is the most painful and paradoxical step they have initiated undermining the NPF constitution as well as disciplinary norms. The people of Nagaland are watching this development with full of suspense and concern and one cannot afford to take the voice of the people for granted,” the statement said.

By EMN Updated: Mar 24, 2015 12:04:02 am