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Indian singer slams United Airlines over baggage loss

By IANS Updated: Jul 08, 2017 10:17 pm

Indian singer Monica Dogra on Saturday went on a social media rant targeting United Airlines for losing her luggage twice.
“I am APPALLED. You have lost my luggage AGAIN! Second time in a row. I travelled over 25 hours for a special event,” Monica tweeted on Saturday to the United Airlines official handle.
“United Airlines, you offer no compensation or customer service. I’ve been more than patient. Lost Luggage #FAIL atrocious”
“You might be the world’s worst airline! Cannot believe how horrific your service is,” she added in another post.
A response from the United Airlines official Twitter handle then read: “Hello Monica, we’re sorry your recent experiences with us have not been great. DM us your baggage claim ID number so we can trace it.”
Then Monica wrote: “I take flights at least once a week. Only when I make the mistake of flying United Airlines, my luggage has been consistently lost.
“Don’t apologize without rectifying the situation once and for all. TWO times in a row! Never using your airline again! I need my luggage NOW.”
United Airlines has been in the news of late for the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, a passenger was dragged off one of its flights at Chicago airport, and then a giant rabbit died on its flight from Britain. In May, the airline’s flight from Houston to Ecuador was delayed for more than three hours after a scorpion was spotted on board the plane.

By IANS Updated: Jul 08, 2017 10:17:41 pm