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‘Incredible India truly has become intolerant India’

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2015 12:33 am

Imrongkumba Aier
Mokokchung, October 14

The Director of Clark Communication Research Center (CCCRC) L. Imsutoshi Jamir on Wednesday said, “In India, religion, culture and ethnicity have become matters of luxury.” He said that people are divided, suppressed, harassed and violently lynched in the name of religion and culture.
Imsutoshi Jamir shared this message while delivering the keynote address at the inaugural function of Regional Consultation on ‘Communication for Justice and peace’ at Clark Theological College in Mokochung, jointly organized by Clark Communication Research Center (CCCRC) and Clark Centre for Peace Research and Action.
While citing the recent incident were well-known columnist and socio-political-activist Sudheendra Kulkarni’s face was smeared by black paint by some Shiv Sena workers over Pak minister’s book launch and Dadri incident of Uttar Pradesh, where a person was lynched by a mob based on rumours for killing a calf, the Jamir stated, “Incredible India truly has become intolerant India.”Imsutoshi Jamir then stated that Northeast India has its own shares of intolerance. He said, “The region is also reeling under culture of violence for many decades. “In fact, violence has become a part of life,” adding, “People have become intolerant due to numerous factors of external and internal forces, causing conflicts and tension in the region.”
In this regard Imsutoshi Jamir quoted that the President of India Parnab Mukherjee, “Religion must not be used as mask to satisfy hunger for power and control of some individuals. Diversity, tolerance and co-existence are core values of Indian culture and they are the basic tenets of our Constitution.”
The Director of CCCRC then said that information and communication technologies have proved its significant instrument for raising justice issues and peace building. He added that communication should be used as medium of peace building to achieve peace through peace talks and negotiations.
However, he mentioned that media is a double edged sword- when its propagate messages and images of intolerance or disinformation it manipulates public sentiment, at the same time it can reinforce and even change the attitudes and perception of the people. “If the media talks issues of inclusiveness, unity and tolerance, it becomes a useful tool in conflict resolution,” he asserted.
The Director of CCCRC remarked that the purpose of communication is not to disseminate ideas and information but as the greatest gift of God, it is to promote, establish and reinforce justice and peace to all.
Meanwhile, Principal of CTC Rev Dr Takatemjen spoke also on the event.
The two-day programme of Regional Consultation on “Communication for Justice and peace” will culminate on October 15. During the seminar seven reputed speakers will be presenting their papers on various topics. They are Dr A Temjen Jamir of CTC, Dr Pangernungba of OTS, Prof S Shimray of ETC, Dr Taisunep of NU, Dr Eyingbeni of CTC, Lipokla and Anamong Chang of CBCC. Officials from ABAM, academicians and professors from Nagaland University, Fazl Ali Colleges and other theological colleges are currently attending the seminar.

By EMN Updated: Oct 15, 2015 12:33:24 am