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Inclusive schools lead to inclusive society — NCERT official

By EMN Updated: May 30, 2019 12:20 am
Ankita Julka addresses a capacity-building event, on May 29 at the SCERT in Kohima. The programme discussed the importance of including children with special needs in education.

Dimapur, May 29 (EMN): Including children who have special needs among other children in education is beneficial for both, and even more for the society for it leads to an inclusive society.

This statement was emphasised by an educator from the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) during a workshop in Nagaland.

A capacity-building programme with the objective to include children with special needs in education, was conducted at the SCERT on May 29 in Kohima.

The government’s publicity agency, the department of Information and Public Relations (IPR), gave updates on Wednesday about said event.

The principal secretary for School Education and SCERT, Menukhol John, addressed the event. He said children with special needs should have the ‘same bar with what normal children enjoy,’ the IPR stated quoting the officer.

‘When we see children with special needs, it is the responsibility of every one as parents, brothers, sisters to extend support,’ John said.

The education official expressed gratitude to Prof. Anita Julka of the NCERT at New Delhi, for the support especially for Nagaland.

The officer urged participants at the workshop that the programme ‘should’ help in the implementation of the various policies of the government to reach the targeted areas.

John was of the view that the department had ‘started late but managed to cover almost all the target areas.’ He urged the participants and officials to exert extra efforts to accomplish the goals of the programme.

In her discourse to the event, the event’s resource person Prof. Anita Julka said including children with special needs in education is ‘so beneficial,’ not only for children with special needs but for other children in schools also.

‘Including children with disabilities in a regular class room is very effective and will benefit our society.’
‘The children studying, playing, running together is something very good for the development of our inclusive society,’ Julka.

‘Inclusive education is not only about children with disabilities only, but includes all children and that is why it will lead towards an inclusive society.’

‘Every children has the right to go to any school even children with special needs.’
The NCERT official added that every teacher has to know how to handle and to prepare to teach children that have special needs.

Julka released a short video highlighting various activities during May 2019, the IPR added.

By EMN Updated: May 30, 2019 12:20:44 am