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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

INC candidate seeks support to protect constitution

By EMN Updated: Apr 03, 2024 9:59 pm

DIMAPUR — Asserting that the verdict of the upcoming general election to the Lok Sabha would have far reaching consequences more than ever before even upto the extent of affecting the inclusive spirit of the constitution, which has so far managed to delicately hold together the idea of India, the Indian National Congress (INC) candidate from Nagaland, S Supongmeren Jamir, has sought public support in his favour to protect the constitution.

In an appeal to all the legislators, former parliamentarians and candidates, village council leaders and elders of Nagaland, Jamir assured his commitment to work for the well-being of all concerned only if he was elected to power.

“Be assured that this apprehension does not come from a place of baseless rhetoric or willful dishonesty, but stems from our shared experiences of the past ten years which have been at the very best a painful era of unprecedented socio-economic distress and injustices, with damning assaults on the rights of the religious minority communities having become the order of the day,” Jamir said.

Meanwhile, Jamir has sought to create a free and fair voting environment and offer opportunity to each voter in the state to have a free say in choosing their leader.

By EMN Updated: Apr 03, 2024 9:59:53 pm
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