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In the land of ‘kushi kushi’, disillusioned society laments

By EMN Updated: Mar 04, 2015 11:29 pm

Dimapur, March 4

The growing incidences of crime, antisocial activities and lawlessness continue to add more to the woes of the public. The recent past has seen growing activity from antisocial elements from dishonest public service providers to corrupt government departments, excesses by underground elements to cases of rape and murders, among many others.
The latest reflection of a crumbling state administration is the case of alleged rape of a woman, by a non-local businessman, a Syed Farid Khan, on the night of February 24 in Dimapur. On Wednesday, various public organizations have express vehement condemnation for the alleged crime stating that, among other reflections of breakdown in Nagaland, the presence of outsiders and illegal immigrants is also adding to the malady of the state.
The Sumi Council of Dimapur issued a press release on Wednesday denouncing the alleged rape which purportedly took place on the night of February 24, but the report of which surfaced only yesterday. The incident is a “bitter reminder of what the society is stooping to,” the Sumi Council stated.
“Any incidences of these nature are highly condemnable and a stigma to the entire Naga community. The moral degradation of our own people cannot be ignored as the middleman or pimp whatever one may call him was a Naga,” the statement said.
The Sumi organization reminded that circumstances have demonstrated time and again that “gullibility of outsiders has caused both moral and material losses to the Naga and the impact to our society continues to be adverse.” This trend, the council stated, can be checked by “avoiding close proximity with dubious character with intentions to pollute our society with evils.”
“We cannot remain mute spectators and allow the criminals to have their way. Nagas should avoid backing the migratory population for temporary gains and jeopardize the prospect of the future generations,” the Sumi Council said.
‘Mere condemnation will not suffice as the time has come for all to sit up and demand stringent punishment to both the criminal and the accomplice and also warning our own Nagas to be careful and alert as we cannot afford to allow this trend to continue any further,’ the statement added.
The Manik Bhattacharjee Foundation of Dimapur has also expressed deep anguish at what it called the ‘heinous and barbaric act of a culprit’ on February 24.
“We, in the strongest term, condemn this act on an innocent girl and want that the entire society should raise its voice against such nefarious activities on any one irrespective of his/her background,” the organization stated in a note issued on Wednesday.
The group demanded that the administration and the law-enforcing agencies “deal very strictly with the culprits and award befitting punishment, so that it would set an example to others, who have such mean attitude towards our mothers and sisters.”
The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha also issued a note on Wednesday denouncing the alleged rape and requested the law enforcements to “take stern punishment to the culprits so that nobody will dare to commit such heinous crime in future.”
Murder of BSNL official denounced
Referring to another case, the Rongmei Students’ Union of Dimapur has denounced the murder of G Mukta Rongmei, sub-divisional Engineer of the BSNL by unidentified gunmen in Dimapur on Sunday. The union issued a note on Wednesday.
Expressing shock, the union lashed out at the criminals for polluting the environment of Dimapur “by such deceitful elements.”
“This is totally an evil design of anti social elements which does not have a place for them in the society,” the union stated and asked the competent authorities to hunt down the killers.
Orgs denounce assault on police officer
Condemnations continue to be received from civil organizations outraged by the assault of a police officer by some youths in Jalukie town in Peren district on February 22.
The Jalukie Pumling Nko and the Jalukie Students’ Union have vehemently called the incident ‘brutal and barbaric.’ Police officer of Jalukie police station Neize-u Yhome was reported to have been inflicted serious injuries when some unscrupulous youth of New Jalukie Village assaulted him.
The JPN warned that such cowardly acts would not be tolerated “tolerated within the jurisdiction of the peace loving Jalukie.” The organizations have appealed to the authorities to award befitting punishment to the criminals.
The two organizations also warned all the “offshoot satellite villages” under the jurisdiction that “such heinous criminals shall have no space in our land and are foreign to the people of Jalukie.”
The Jalukie Pumling Nko and the Jalukie Students’ Union have expressed deep regrets for the incident and prayed for early recovery of the police officer.

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