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In conversation with Polar Lights

By EMN Updated: May 21, 2015 9:51 pm

Music is a way we can belt, hook on to that influence and we feel music with our entire feelings. With Rhythm of Love Eastern Mirror connects our readers to music in conversation with artists as they share their experience with their love ……. music.
Music moves us, opens our emotions passing all barriers. Music is a piece that we all can connect with so Readers get connected with your favorite artists with the Rhythm of Love.
On Fridays, Eastern Mirror will feature Artists/bands from the state and outside with the sole aim of promoting MUSIC-the present craze of the state.

Eastern Mirror: How, when and where was ‘Polar Lights’ formed? A Short history of your band.
Polar lights: Polar lights came together in the month of March 2013 in Dimapur. We’ve always been avid music lovers, so when our former Drummer, came to our front man and asked if he wanted to form a band, he hopped in, and eventually everyone in the band did. We’ve had a few line-up changes since then, but I think everything worked out for the best.


Eastern Mirror: How do you think you debut single “A Murder Machine” reached the music fans of Nagaland? Good or bad response?
Polar lights: We will never forget the day, ‘A MURDER MACHINE’ came out. Not just because of the overwhelming response we had been getting over the song, but because it marked the actual birth of Polar Lights. YES, we were already a band, months before the song came out, but up to that point, nobody really knew who we were.
So, yes! to answer your question, I think the response we got over the song, was pretty positive.

Eastern Mirror: With the band firmly believing in ‘originality’ of a song, do you think that ‘originality of a song’ can also be implied when a musician has its own composed lyrics while the musical tunes are covers of western songs? Highlight a little please…
Polar lights: Being original, means being able to write your own music, and being able to come up with your own lyrics. PERIOD!!. It doesn’t matter if an artist, writes down fresh lyrics, and records it on top of some other artists’/band’s music. That would still make it a cover song, or in technical terms, an upgraded or remixed version of the song. Over the years we have seen many legendary bands put out legendary records. So how would anybody feel, if we all found out today, that they never really wrote any of the music in those records. Yeah, they came up with the words to the songs but thats about it. We’d all be disappointed wouldn’t we?
In order for any artist/band to be original, it has to work both ways.

Eastern Mirror: Being one of the popular bands of Nagaland, what changes do you see in the present music scenario of Nagaland when compared to past?
Polar lights: In the past, I think bands from Nagaland would constrict themselves to doing only covers. It wasn’t a matter of who could come up with the best original song but a matter of who could do the perfect cover of a song. So, comparing the past to our present, I think our industry has grown a lot. Bands/Artist are finally starting to realized the importance of doing original music. And we feel, it can only get bigger from here on.

Eastern Mirror: Any awards or participation of your band locally/nationally?
Polar lights: In 2013, we went on our first ever tour. We did two shows in Kohima, a couple more shows in Dimapur, then we were invited to play the ZIRO MUSIC FESTIVAL in ARUNACHAL PRADESH, hopped on a train and ended our tour in Delhi. So the tour would most definitely be the highlight.
Once we got back, we won our first ever award at the Nagaland Music Award for our song,’A MURDER MACHINE’. So yeah, these are some our achievements so far.
If we can even call it that.(SMILES>>>)

Eastern Mirror: If given a chance to sit and enjoy a live concert of some music gurus, who would you wish to see perform?
Polar lights: If given a chance, i think everybody in the band would want to see, LED ZEPPELIN, AC/DC, JOE SATRIANI, AND CHUCK BERRY play live.

Eastern Mirror: What genre of music do you consider your work to be?
Polar lights: Most people who listen to our music, will say that Polar Lights is an alternative/Pop-Rock outfit. And most of the time they would be right. But, when it comes down to writing our songs, we do not not limit ourselves to one particular genre. That does not mean, you will see Polar Lights put out a HIP-HOP record in the days to come, but when writing a song, we let our emotions take control and let it flow from the heart.
So, you could say we play independent music.

Eastern Mirror: Highlight some of the best things of working together as a band. And what do you usually do if all minds don click for one common plan?
Polar lights: The best thing about working together as band would most definitely be playing Live Shows. Then comes, getting into the studio and recording.
Usually when our minds do not click on something, we talk it out, and try approaching the subject differently.
However, at most times, everybody in band usually do, have the same approach on what we wish to achieve creatively, so its not that big of a problem for us.

Eastern Mirror: Any surprises coming in for your thirsty fans who are waiting for ‘Polar Lights’ to shine?
Polar lights: We have tons of surprises for our fans, in the following months to come. Our first single, ‘A BEAUTIFUL ESCAPE’ from our debut EP comes out this Sunday i.e., May 24, 2015 on After which put our EP,in mid summer. Our fans can expect a lot more touring and tons of more music from Polar Lights.

Any Advises for the upcoming younger generation who wanted to follow your footstep?
Polar lights: I don’t think we are in a position to be handing out advises to bands and musician, because we’re still growing as a band and as people. But if we were to say something to aspiring artists/bands, it would be
‘Never let anyone tell you that your music isn’t good enough. Let your music come from within and not from what you see on T.V. You have a responsibility to yourself and your emotions.’

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