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Thursday, May 30, 2024
Zeena Singh

In Appreciation… of the Simple Pleasures of Life

By EMN Updated: Jul 03, 2016 12:11 am

Hello folks,

I believe that life has so much to give if only we cared to give a little thought to the most minuscule of joys (which we’d find so much of) only if we’d stop looking at the looming discomforts and discontents.
So here I am, to share with you the simplest joys in my life as I have experienced some time in my life and those that I take as I face each day, at a time.

Almost Always Spruced

Just one look…..and guess what? nothing but contentment written right across.
What I am feeling just now is what you see reflected.My garden once more wears a trim and natty air. With every Monsoon rain I have discovered my garden to grow so frenziedly green, and a couple of years is what it took to have me soothed and settled in the midst of it.

No, I haven’t learned to accept and appreciate a forest of overgrown weed, grass and shrub, but of what I have been having placed on my lap time over time, conferred sharply on the dot.

Call it as you may, Divine intervention is what I’d like to term it.

Not having someone exclusive now to tend to the beautifully laid flora in the precincts, as had been in my mother’s care, often is there dense, unkempt foliage and shrubbery this time of year.

The feature of highlight today that needs your attention is the fact that despite my quandary, I have now been disciplined to not lean on my own understanding, but in all my ways submit to Him and He has been directing my path……… without much of an ado there always is someone who turns up equipped , able and willing at just the right time to relieve me of my predicament…. and this is precisely where you found me at the start of this expose of mine.

Suddenly, a call at the door and there he rolls up, the odd- job- man, just as abruptly as he had vanished a good twelve to fourteen months ago, offering his assistance,( picking up from where he had left),of tidying the lushly wild surroundings. My willing odd- job- man did his vanishing act promptly at the end of the day, with however only one-fourth of the work covered. Three days later with no information of the absconding prodigal, one known faithful, with two in tow, comes to my rescue.

Today my garden is but one conspicuous brilliant instance but I am certain that there would be many who on reading this, can recall very many moments when somehow in some way you may have been facilitated at just the right way at the specific time when needed most.

I have, oh-so-many times over, to be convinced of there being …. “Someone, someone in Heaven, someone who really cares for me… ..”

By EMN Updated: Jul 03, 2016 12:11:04 am
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