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Zeena Singh

In Appreciation…….. of the simple pleasures of life…

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Zeena Singh For Eastern Mirror Sunday

Hello folks,

I believe that life has so much to give if only we cared to give a little thought to the most minuscule of joys (which we’d find so much of) only if we’d stop looking at the looming discomforts and discontents.
So here I am, to share with you the simplest joys in my life as I have experienced some time in my life and those that I take as I face each day, at a time.

The appeal of listening to a story told

‘Educators have long known that arts can contribute to student academic success and emotional well being.’
One such creative craft is that of Storytelling, where ‘No special equipment beyond the imagination and the power of listening and speaking is needed to create artistic images. In our fast-paced, media driven world, storytelling can be a nurturing way to remind children that their spoken words are powerful, that listening is important and that clear communication between people is an art’.
We have knowledgeable information and explanation available on what storytelling is about and its impact on children and perhaps on adults too.
My personal understanding of Storytelling is this:
I have been allured into and charmed by this incredible aptitude from the age when it customarily is introduced to almost all. Just at that young age when one is able to construct and conceive getting completely drawn, to becoming enchanted and remaining spellbound much more by the narration as by the narrative.
The still lingering comfort and desirable impression ascertained upon me by two, or maybe three individuals who I consider and hold accountable to have made the appeal of listening to a story remain as fresh and lucid as it had then.
An early delight of which I remember was of being told real-life stories most fascinating about life in the jungle, myths and beliefs about connections of man with the wild creatures that he hunted. This would be narrated by an Old Church Head , with the gentlest of voices and demeanour as I could have been a judge of at six years old. His stories would flow with calm ease, no loud excitement or hurry ever raced through his tales. As I retrace my thoughts to the Story sessions which I so-looked forward to, I think I can almost hear his voice and the contemplative expression in his aging blue- grey eyes which said that he enjoyed sharing those experiences as best as we his audience loved to absorb every detail.
Another one of my best experiences at listening to stories wonderfully told, was when at the age of 10 or 11 we’d be gathered before bed-time ( 9 pm) in our dormitory. One of our teachers who lived in the School Campus with us, would most willingly visit every once a week and read to us.
I can’t quite explain what in particular quite held me in rapt attention. Perhaps it was her tone and application of voice and expression in the narration; perhaps it was the story in itself. Whatever it might have been, this much I know is that I began to love the concept of Story –telling, ( Read or Told), and as I would have believe, my friends now tell me that that’s exactly what I apparently followed. This inspired influence is still a strong desire nurtured within me even as of today.
Years later a very loving neighbour in our new locale would drop by for a chat with my mother almost every evening. These chats in due course turned into the most remarkable story –telling sittings. It would be stories she’d probable read or heard – about Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses. She’d take us with her into her world of enchanting tales. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she held us all in her spell despite her toothless effort , which was a distinguished part of her narrative style much to be admired and truly appreciated.
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