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Zeena Singh

In Appreciation…….. of the simple pleasures of life…

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Zeena Singh For Eastern Mirror Sunday

Hello folks,

I believe that life has so much to give if only we cared to give a little thought to the most minuscule of joys (which we’d find so much of) only if we’d stop looking at the looming discomforts and discontents.
So here I am, to share with you the simplest joys in my life as I have experienced some time in my life and those that I take as I face each day, at a time.

Delightful insignificant Luxuries

Count them on my fingers, I wish I could. Innumerable as they are, having a crack at telling you about some of them is my intent, in the finest expressable manner, of the joyous experience in each, as inconsequential or negligible as it may appear to be.
Though diminutive in their dimension and extent the stimulate and bring -about for me, is huge. Mundane you may name it, ordinary too. Found in the everyday routine commonplace, its impact I cannot let go unnoticed.
Follow my lead dear reader and I am ascertained that you will have to fall in with some, if not all, of my lines of reasoning.
Daybreak, a time to awake our senses,often abhorred with full urge to avert. My impetus is curiosity to see how the world is adorned at this hour- I look beyond man-made clutter and muddle at hand and I am inebriated with what my eyes reveal. A glimpse of the beauty of creation around me leaves me with racing pulse, tingling exhilaration and pounding heart. It is a luxury most delightful, because my eyes can see it, leaving me to experience the moment- a quiet communion with the creator.
Sunshine! Luxurious is its splendor. At no charge do I bask in its goodness. Light, heat, energy and strength I receive at no expense. Its uplifting rays send cheer to my spirits and frame.
Food, all set and spread for me with heart and will. The luxury of a 5-star buffet spread at the sunny Coffee shop by the pool side, lies right here before me: Sausages, mushroom eggs and tomatoes garnished with herbs, on toast – home made – the sumptuousness of it all, on my own little dining table.
A mind, sound rational, and time, that coerce me to carry out chores and responsibilities with adroit competence fills me with a sense of opulent fulfilled achievement.
The bonus of everyday exchanges and connections, diverse and speckled, with those that I happen upon make me complete as I grow in the know-how of building relationships inter-personal.
When the world is at rest, I utilize the treat of time to myself in quiet introspect, indulging in the comfort of being alone, to enhance that which is best done in solitude – creativity.
Under the warm comforts of a snug bed I cannot envisage any other lavish extravagance than that of sleep in the assurance of a faithful God, under whose keeping and watchful eye we slumber till break of the magnificence of another day.
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