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In a world of division, Tenyimi students told to be healers

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 14, 2019 11:35 pm
Associate Editor of Eastern Mirror Raymond Ronamai addresses a college students’ programme on Sep. 14 at the Aqua Mellow Park in Dimapur.

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, Sep. 14: The society is facing the challenge of unity considering that the community leaderships themselves are in disarray and disunited. This is where students can contribute by being the change makers, a journalist told students from the Tenyimi community during a students’ programme.

The Tenyimi Students’ Union of Dimapur Government College welcomed students at its 10th annual convocation. Associate Editor of Eastern Mirror, Raymond Ronamai was the guest speaker of the event that was conducted on Sep. 14 at Aqua Mellow Park in Dimapur.

Addressing the students, Ronamai said, ‘Looking at the young people here, I feel jealous; jealous because you have all the time in the world, strength, passion and everything at your disposal to do lots of good things.’ He urged them to contribute to the society in whatever way possible.

“I am dismayed because of the disarray that we see in our society today,” he lamented, referring to civil society organisations not working together for the common good. The journalist explained that the society is like a human body, which has different parts with its own functions. If one body part does not function, it disrupts the entire body, he told the gathering.

‘When we look at our society, there is a lot of division,’ he said. He urged the young minds to bring change to the society. The Tenyimi Students’ Union can be one of those crucial ‘body’ parts, he said. ‘Function in cohesion with the rest of the organs and make the whole body a healthy one,’ he said.

Ronamai advised the new students besides the outgoing students not to forget their priorities. He urged them to work hard because there is no substitute to hard work. Choose the right path, and make a difference not only to their lives but also to the society, he said.

“Remember, if there is anybody in this world who can sacrifice their lives for you, it’s your parents,” he said urging the students to love their parents and not to disappoint them.

“Do what you are good at, something you love and passionate about, and not what others think you should be good at,” he said.

Earlier, the programme started with welcome address by the president of the Tenyimi Students’ Union of Dimapur Government College, Rangtalak Pame. He thanked the guest speaker and guest artists as well as all the dignitaries from various organisations.

Keyipeisile Herie, a gospel singer, who was the winner of ‘Peren Voice Impact’ in 2016 performed for the gathering.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 14, 2019 11:35:20 pm