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Imtijungla Longchar releases her first book on men

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jun 08, 2019 12:21 am
Imtijungla Longchar (second from right) releasing her 22nd book “Fatherhood: The Best Gift” in Dimapur on June 7.


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Dimapur, June 7: Author and teacher Imtijungla Longchar released her latest book titled “Fatherhood: The Best Gift” at an event held at the Muffet’s Pantry in Duncan Basti, Dimapur on June 7.

It is her 22nd book and her first “on men.” Written from a women’s perspective, the author gives a woman’s eye view of the qualities most wives look for in their spouse.

According to Longchar, the book is an approach on fatherhood and the responsibilities that come with it. She said at the launch event that book talks about the significance of a father and will serve as a motivational read.

Longchar elucidated that the book can be not only a blessing to the fathers but also help the children and mothers understand fatherhood in a better way. She added that fathers (Naga fathers) will be able to relate to the book as it is written in the local context.

Her inspiration for the book, she said, was her husband S. Wati, whom she calls the perfect father, and dedicated the book to him.

Longchar opined that a father is like a prophet, a priest, and a role model in the family. She said the book will bring to light the good qualities, significance and commitment of fatherhood.

The author’s husband Wati, who is the Principal of Discipleship Bible College, Dimapur, said that most of the problems in the family are created by a father. And with so many willing to change to become a better father, Wati believed writing on fatherhood in our context will be beneficial.

In the introductory note of the book, the author mentioned that “one of the utmost and urgent issues in the heart of God was that of fatherhood and God’s design for society was to begin from great homes and his design for building great homes was through fathers.”

“Fatherhood simply means responsibility and taking responsibility on behalf of others in your domain which is your home. As you read, may your heart be motivated, the love for your family rekindled and realise the great honour and responsibility to being called Dad,” read the introductory note.

Priced at INR 200, the book is available in all Christian book stores across Northeast.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jun 08, 2019 12:21:21 am