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Imposition of ILP in Dimapur will help everyone – NSF

By EMN Updated: Jun 27, 2019 12:55 am

Dimapur, June 26 (EMN): The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has said that imposition of Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Dimapur is essential to control the influx of illegal immigrants into the state and that it supports the initiative of the government to promulgate it throughout Nagaland.

“The imposition of ILP in Dimapur will not only help the Nagas, but also all the non-Naga residents of Dimapur once the ILP is properly implemented,” the federation said in a statement.

It maintained that ILP would endanger only those who are privy to “illegal activities without proper identity”. The interests of the people shall be taken into consideration and therefore the state government shall discuss the matter with “citizens of Dimapur both local and non-local alike” before its implementation, it stated.

“Nagaland has been too lenient and careless in implementing the ILP” as compared to our neighbouring state of Arunachal Pradesh, it said. “It is a reasonable stand for any state to protect their own interest while also protecting the interest of non-locals including foreigners. What the vested interest must keep in mind is that unlike other states, the state of Nagaland has been created under a special provision of the constitution through a political agreement. The state of Nagaland cannot be branded in the same category of others,” read the statement.

The NSF has assured all the “genuine Indian non-locals residing in Dimapur” that their “interest shall be fully protected by law.”

NSF wants PIL to be withdrawn

The student body also came down heavily on the PIL filed by BJP leader Aswani Upadhyay before the Supreme Court of India, asserted that it was done “to hurt the good image of the Nagas and to promote anti-Naga feelings outside Nagaland.”

“The NSF is deeply disturbed by the accusation of racial discrimination leveled against the Nagas. It is a fact that there is no perfect society, but in terms of receiving good treatment, the Naga society in comparison to other societies treats everyone with respect. No further explanation is required for the fact that it is the non-Nagas who runs the entire market progressively,” the statement read.

It said the claim of business people leaving Dimapur is just to spread feelings of animosity against the Nagas. He added that there is no issue with respect to the case of land settlements of non-nagas in the state.

“The settlement of land between locals and non-locals is a policy matter of the state of Nagaland which has been settled long time back. It is not a new issue that would crop up on introduction of ILP in Dimapur,” the statement read. “The state of Nagaland has always acknowledged non-Nagas who took residence in Dimapur before statehood and have even given them the status of non-Nagas Indigenous inhabitants of Dimapur.”

It said that it will initiate a democratic State-wide movement if the PIL is not withdrawn.

By EMN Updated: Jun 27, 2019 12:55:27 am