Imkonglenden, Rainbow declared cleanest colonies in Dimapur
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Imkonglenden, Rainbow declared cleanest colonies in Dimapur

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Dec 18, 2020 8:57 pm
V Lovitoly Sema and Albert Ezung along with the winners of “Cleanest Colony Competition 2020” at Rasoi restaurant in Dimapur, on Friday. (EM Images)

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Dimapur, Dec. 18 (EMN): Imkonglenden and Rainbow colonies have been declared cleanest colonies in Dimapur under big and small colony categories respectively.

The “Cleanest Colony Competition 2020” award ceremony was held at Rasoi restaurant Mawaripatti in Dimapur on Friday. It was an initiative of the Dimapur Muncipal Council (DMC).

Under big colony category, Imkonglenden received a cash prize of INR 1 lakh for winning cleanest colony award, while first runners-up Duncan colony was awarded INR 30,000 and second runners-up Oriental colony received INR 10,000.

Under small colony category, Rainbow won the cleanest colony title and walked away with a cash prize of INR 1 lakh, while first runners-up Kyong colony and second runners-up Ragailong colony received INR 30,000 and INR 10,000 respectively.

Special guest of the ceremony, Additional Deputy Commissioner, V Lovitoly Sema lauded the DMC and its team for providing a platform for the citizens of Dimapur to come together for a good purpose. Life has not been normal due to this pandemic and it is very challenging for all in various aspects, but despite of all that, it is very encouraging to see leaders of different colonies taking active participations in this competition, he added.

Sema that this is their city and this is ‘where our generation and future generations are going to stay’, therefore people must inculcate civic sense among the people and asserted that winning is not the important thing but participation, being a part of it and improving in certain sphere is.

The officer also encouraged all to have a sense of belongingness and ownership of the city as it belongs to everyone and nobody from outside will come and clean it; but it is the citizens of Dimapur who should take care of the city.

Further, Sema reminded that in one of the surveys, Dimapur was tag as one of the dirtiest cities in India but people should take it as a challenge and make best use of the little resources and limitations compared to other states.

‘The first impression for Nagaland would come from Dimapur city as it is the gate way to the state and it is the responsibility of the citizens to make sure that the city is clean and beautiful,’ Sema added.

She also told the gathering that people should not depend on DMC and government for everything as it is a big responsibility and encouraged the citizens to come together and extend full co-operation to make Dimapur the best and cleanest city.

During the event, Administrator of DMC, Albert Ezung mentioned that they could not conduct quarterly competition this year due to the pandemic and lockdown measures, so they added prizes for second runners-up in the “Cleanest Colony Competition 2020”.

Ezung also reminded that Dimapur was tagged as one of the dirtiest cities in India this year through an app-based and not via field survey. He added that Nagaland’s system of municipality is a little bit different compared to other states. In other municipalities, they look after roads, electricity, school, health, water-supply, medical and other areas, but in Nagaland context, there are separate departments to look after each category, he said.

Ezung added that to collect data of each category, they have to get from each department and due to which they face some difficult in entering the details, and so the ‘bad result’.

He said people should not be discouraged by ‘dirtiest city’ tag but move forward and make Dimapur the cleanest city.

The panel of judges for the DMC’s “Cleanest Colony Competition 2020” includes Khiuzan Kaurinta (EAC); DNSU vice president, Setimeren Pongen; President of DUCCF, Tsenthungo Nyamo; Vice president of NWHD, Vimeno Angami; general secretary of NWHD, T Onen Jamir; and NCD member Ganganpoi.

By Purnungba Longkumer Updated: Dec 18, 2020 8:57:43 pm