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IMFL worth several lakhs of rupees destroyed near Camp Hebron

By EMN Updated: Aug 26, 2013 11:36 pm

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]uge quantities of assorted banned Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) estimated about 4000 cases were destroyed this morning near Camp Hebron in the presence of high ranking NSCN (IM) officials, GBs, women and students’ leaders. In all, the destroyed liquor included 1000 cases of Beer, 700 cases of Rum, 1000 cases of Whisky, 600 cases of Wine, 400 cases of Can Beer and 200 cases of Breezer. The seizures were made from Dimapur and surrounding areas in recent time by officials of the NSCN (IM), Union Territory-1, headed by CAO Ape Chakhesang.
Addressing the gathering prior to destruction of the seized liquor, kilo kilonser T T Among has attributed alcohol as the cause of all evil activities in the society. He said immoral activities such as rape, murder, kidnap, thievery and broken home are directly related to consumption of liquor.
With the booming business activities in Dimapur, the kilo kilonser said Dimapur has also become the centre of immoral activities. In considering the impending effect of alcohol consumption in Naga society, he said GPRN has entrusted Ape Chakhesang with the responsibility to curb the social menace taking place in Dimapur.
T Among asserted that Naga society should not be spoil at the cost of some individuals who are into dealing in liquor business to make monetary profit.
He further maintained that GPRN/NSCN with its slogan ‘Nagaland for Chris’ will continue to fight evil forces at work and cleanse the Naga society from all such immoral activities.
President of Dimapur GBs’ Association Zalipu, while speaking on the bad effects of alcohol, said liquor has left the Naga society with many broken families. He said it should be the responsibility of every individual to contain consumption of alcohol. Also acknowledging that Dimapur has become the nerve centre of immoral activities, Zalipu viewed that with the cleansing of Dimapur from immoral activities, rest of Nagaland will follow. While appreciating the NSCN (IM), he has appealed all to work unity towards cleansing the Naga society.
Also speaking on the occasion, finance secretary of Women Hoho Dimapur, Ruby Kent, said mothers are sandwiched when a husband and their children indulges in consuming alcohol. While observing that a single organization alone cannot solve the problem, Ruby Kent has advocated concerted efforts of all NGOs, government and churches to curb the menace of liquor inflow into the State.
CAO UT-1, Ape Chakhesang has appreciated the support and cooperation rendered by the Superintendent of Police (SP), Dimapur, in the effort in controlling import and sale of liquor in Dimapur. Stating that he alone cannot solve the problem, Ape Chakhesang appealed every individual, NGOs, government agencies and churches to render support in the noble venture to cleanse the society.

By EMN Updated: Aug 26, 2013 11:36:24 pm