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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Nagaland legislator Imchen hits back at Congress party

By EMN Updated: Apr 18, 2024 8:33 pm

DIMAPUR — Member of Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Imkong L Imchen, has reaffirmed his statement made on April 16 on the Naga political struggle and reiterated that all atrocious and criminal act of Indian security forces committed on the Naga people were done only during the Congress regime.

Imchen stated this while replying to the statement of Ranajit Mukherjee, AICC secretary in-charge of Nagaland, and C Apok Jamir during a press conference held in Dimapur on April 17. While accusing the Congress party of trying to rewrite the history of the Nagas, he stated that it cannot be washed away even in the distant future.

Contesting the Congress’ claim that the political agreement between the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) and the Government of India gave birth to Nagaland statehood, Imchen made his stand clear saying, “right from the beginning that this Naga People Convention and their 16 Point Memorandum has never solved the Naga political issue, rather these people have aggravated the Naga political issue till today.”

As Apok Jamir supported the NDPP candidate in 27-Mokokchung town assembly election, Imchen said he was not aware that he went back to the Congress party again and yet do not brand him as a ‘habitual defector.’

Imchen advised Ranajit Mukherjee to go through the books “My years with Nehru” by SN Mallik, Director IB, and “The Nagas in 19th Century” by Verrier Elwin from among the many other documents and books.

“There he will discover how this Naga Peoples’ Convention was organised three times and how this 16 Point Memorandum was originated consequent upon which Nagaland became the 16th State of the Indian Union and how it has given obstruction to the Naga political struggle and its settlement,” Imchen said.

Imchen added that Ranajit Mukherjee must have the evidence – material evidence – how many times and on what cause he lied to call him “a habitual liar.” He was of opinion that throwing aspersions (wild allegations) is not a good weapon in the conduct of politics (public service).

By EMN Updated: Apr 18, 2024 8:33:17 pm
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