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I’m grateful to have friend like Reese Witherspoon: Jennifer Garner

By EMN Updated: Mar 06, 2015 10:52 pm

Jennifer Garner has revealed she is “so grateful” for her friendship with fellow mother Reese Witherspoon.
Both mums to three children, the actresses enjoy nothing more than a good old chat about their children. And when it comes to swapping advice when they run into each other, Jen admits it can end up being quite the long conversation.
“If I run into Reese, she and I have so much to talk about. We’ll be on the street corner and just be like, ‘What do you do about this, and how did you handle this?’” the 42-year-old told People magazine.Not all of Jennifer’s friends are famous and even have children. Though she revealed she relishes the kind of relationships she shares with the Oscar-winner.
“I’m so grateful for that very specific kind of friend,” she acknowledged.
With their families of the utmost importance to them both, one particularly hot topic of conversation is whether or not a role is worth leaving their children and husbands to take on.
For Jen, with husband Ben Affleck also being an actor, they work hard to ensure they take it in turns so that their children never feel neglected.
“I have such a big thing to balance [jobs] against that it has to be something I love so much,” Jennifer explained.
For her, being a mother to daughters Violet, nine, and Seraphina, six, and son Samuel, three, will always be her most important and valued role. So much so that she makes sure they feel special by putting little notes in their lunch boxes and reading to them in the mornings.
She also makes sure not to neglect her marriage of almost ten years. She admitted she was off to visit Ben, 42, on the Atlanta set of The Accountant, to “make sure he’s good”.
“It’s just what you do [as a mom],” she smiled.

By EMN Updated: Mar 06, 2015 10:52:39 pm