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Illegal taxation in Nagaland law and order problem, says KDTODU

By EMN Updated: Sep 16, 2020 8:10 pm

Appeals to govt. to check illegal collections at check-gates, highway

Dimapur, Sep. 16 (EMN): The Kohima District Truck Owners and Drivers’ Union (KDTODU) on Wednesday said that illegal collection of cash and unabated taxation in Nagaland is ‘law and order problem and corruption.’

In a press release, the union appealed to the state government to check and stop all forms of illegal collection of cash at the check-gates, highways and unabated taxation from vehicles especially trucks by various law enforcing agencies, unions, public organisations and underground outfits at different points and check-gates starting from Dimapur entry gate till Imphal.

While extending its support to the Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation’s (Acaut) plea to the government on illegal collections and syndicates, the KDTODU condemned the ‘unscrupulous person from transport union who are hand in glove with some members of various Naga political groups.’ It also denounced the practice of monopoly transport syndicates which result in an upward spiral of prices of essential commodities causing hardship to the public.

The union said several of their members have complained about numerous illegal collections of taxes while carrying bricks from Ita Bata, stating that from Niuland till Purana bazaar they pay taxes to several underground factions and also pay not less than INR 100 as road maintenance to each village they cross.

Stating that truck owners pay several taxes such as yearly, monthly and daily and that ‘it cannot tolerate anymore,’ the union asked the state government to check and stop all illegal activities going on daily in the state at the earliest. It also threatened that truck owners and drivers will go for strike if the government fails to take action.

The KDTODU also questioned as to why the state government could not stop all the taxation after implementing the GST in the state and further demanded to withdraw the Covid cess.

“Based on the complaint letter of the union, the deputy commissioner of Kohima has constituted an inquiry committee to check the illegal collection at check-gates and on highways in and around Kohima. Accordingly, the senior superintendent of police, Kohima assured the KDTODU that he would ask the police not to take any cash from vehicles or trucks at the check-gates but it did not work at all as the collection of cash by Nagaland Police continues – ‘just the talk and nothing doing’,” it read.

“The inquiry committee did not bring out any result till date and the union was never being informed of any development. Hence, the KDTODU has lost all its hope upon assurance of the deputy commissioner and the Sr. SP Kohima,” it added.

Earlier, in its complaint letter, the KDTODU said that it had listed illegal collection of cash at the check-gates and on highways with amounts enclosed with some of the receipt.

The KDTODU further asked the state government as to why it fails to execute the government standing order, June 22, 2009 in banning collection of taxes by any organisation or individual including government departments such as Police, Excise, Forest and Taxes etc., and the Gauhati High Court Kohima Bench judgment and June 3, 2014 in disallowing the unions and associations from collecting taxes on highways.

By EMN Updated: Sep 16, 2020 8:10:30 pm