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Illegal Parliamentary Secretaries and Equally Illegal Advisors

By EMN Updated: Aug 03, 2017 11:28 pm

By Prof. G.T. Thong | EMN

The Supreme Court passed judgement on the unconstitutional Parliamentary Secretaries, which definitely includes the Advisors, quite some time back, based on which the Congress party petitioned the Governor to fix the problem. The silence of the Constitutional Head of the state is deafening. If the Governor had already directed the Chief Minister to remove the illegal appointees, of which I have absolutely no idea, then it appears the Government cares two hoots for the Governor’s orders. If not, then there is something seriously wrong with both the Governor and this Ministry.

With all the illegal drama happening around recently, and a certain bunch trying to fool the public that they are the legal Government, who are, in fact responsible for all the misery of the people of Nagaland, the state of health of our state in all aspects, is in tatters. Everybody in this tiny state of ours knows what is wrong and who the culprits are.

The Government of the day, no matter how legal or illegal does have some very self-important people running around in illegal uniforms. We sometimes wonder if these so-called Parliamentary Secretaries/Advisors can read. If they actually do, they really are desperately clinging on to their illegal Parliamentary Secretary/Advisor chairs? But, are they not responsible for everything else illegal in our state, including looting of all development funds, besides so many other crimes against the people? The person who coined the term ‘Crimes against Humanity’ in all probability had people like most of our leaders (a notorious lot who were elected by the gun, booth capture, buying of votes, various forms of deceit, etc.) in mind. We are really not surprised as most of the illegal happenings and misery in our sick state are due to them. We can only cry in pain and hang our heads in shame for someone else’s vanity and crimes. I agree with Mr. Thepfülhouvi Solo that it is time we threw out the older conniving lot and give chance to the young first and second timers and bring in a whole lot of fresh faces to salvage whatever is left of Nagaland.

As the Supreme Court’s judgement covers all states of the Union of India, this is, perhaps a case of contempt of court by the Government of Nagaland? Is the Governor, though in Arunachal but can feel the pulse of Nagaland, equally guilty?

By the way, it was really refreshing to note that all the evil together could not knock out Dr. Shurhozelie (nothing for or against him), unlike what happened some years ago to another really tall leader. Kudos to the Clean Election Campaign (CEC) and particularly, the People of the Constituency! Hats off to Mr. Kekhrie Yhome too! He could have taken advantage of the situation but ensured the CEC prevail. We salute all of you.

By EMN Updated: Aug 03, 2017 11:28:19 pm