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ICFAI University BizHorn festival underway

By Our Reporter Updated: Sep 23, 2016 12:00 am
Dr. Kuhoi Zhimomi addressing participants of BizHorn 2016 at ICFAI University campus, Dimapur, on September 22.
Dr. Kuhoi Zhimomi addressing participants of BizHorn 2016 at ICFAI University campus, Dimapur, on September 22.

Dimapur, September 22 : BizHorn 2016- a two day annual management festival of ICFAI University, Nagaland- was inaugurated by Dr. Kuhoi Zhimomi, retired State Information Commissioner RTI and the chief guest, at the ICFAI University campus, 6th Mile, Sovima village on September 22.
Addressing the inaugural programme, Dr. Zhimomi said students need quality education where the idea of innovation and research development in both applied and conceptual, relevant to management and its underlying principles is disseminated to gain value knowledge.
Stating that the aim of education is to gain knowledge and wisdom, he said man is capable of learning according to their capacity and abilities and does not stop as long as he lives. If the ultimate aim of education is to meet the immediate need of human kind, he said one must learn everything possible starting from home, school, colleges and universities.
If our civilisation is to survive and have better life, he said true education is the answer. He also said the motto of the festival “Brilliant minds in action” was most appropriate and meaningful where students can participate and compete in various events with zeal and enthusiasm and to exhibit their talent.
Differing to an old adage “Slow and steady wins the race,” Dr. Zhimomi maintained that in this 21st century this maxim does not apply as the world is moving fast with time where only fast and steady wins the race. He called on the teachers to impart quality education so that the students can acquire the true value of education. He also urged upon the students to learn true knowledge so that they can give back to the society the value education.
Wapangsenla Imchen, HoD Department of Management Studies, IUN, in a nut-shell presentation of the event said, ‘Bizhorn’ is derived from two words- business and horn-which is translated to “messengers of good business practices.”
She said in the present context of intense competition, management has to combine creative and analytical skills to produce effective goal –oriented results, constant innovation and thinking of new ideas, building good teams and delivering results. Keeping these in mind, Wapangsenla said this year’s edition is being organised on the theme “Revive, Recreate, Rejuvenate.”
“The main objective of this management festival is ‘learning by doing’ and keeping in mind the importance of management concepts and leadership skills,” she added.
The event is being participated by around 15 colleges/ institutions/ universities which would conclude on September 23.

By Our Reporter Updated: Sep 23, 2016 12:00:16 am