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Humankind is a family

By EMN Updated: Sep 03, 2013 1:25 am

Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

HUMANKIND is a family and all men and women irrespective of races, colours and languages are of human family. So all men and women in the world are brothers and sisters and sons and daughters in the family. All human beings are the children of the Creator and the Creator is the Father and Lord. If the truth is understood and accepted, there will be no confusion in the world. In a family if the children love, respect and obey the parents according to children’s ethics towards parents, the family is normally a good and decent family. If the children have good relationship with their parents, there is love and respect among the children as brothers and sisters in the family.All human beings have God their Father. The Father created them, supplies all their needs, sustains their daily lives and cares for them. But why confusion arises in the world? Because many children in human family do not know the unseen Father and they live in their own way and do whatever things according to their own will. It is the cause of confusion and problems in the world. So the primary need of all human beings in the world is truly knowing the true God.
Do you really know God? If one actually knows God, he will believe in Him; if he really believes in Him, he will fear Him; if he really fears Him, he will obey Him; if he obeys Him, he will really have relationship with Him and the outcome of having relationship with God is having experience of His peace, His joy, His love and His goodness which is the fruit of the Spirit of God. Having relationship with God reflects relationship with fellow human beings. It is a matter of transformation of the heart towards God as well as towards fellow men and women. If God is loved, fellow men and women are loved. The heart which loves God cannot hate fellow men and women. Such men and women are God’s fearing and honouring men and women wherever they are, whatever they do, upon any body and under whatever circumstances.
Does peace depend on civilization? Does peace prevail in the countries which are under the category of first world more than in those which are in the second and third world? Nowhere in the world is safer zone than any other parts of the world except any where if there are people who really know the true God and have relationship with Him.
Can anti-socials be controlled by forces and stringent laws? Anti-socials indulge in lawless activities in secrecy. True believers of God have the fear of God and they refrain from doing evil covertly and overtly.
Can religion save the people? Religion does not save the people except religious workers guide and help the people to seek God to be changed and saved. Nevertheless, men and women who actually know God and have relationship with Him alone can bring the people to seek God to get transformed.
All human beings are the children of God and the children of God should honour human ethics towards God the Father, “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM,” to have relationship with Him. Every human being born to the world has obligation to honour the ethics of the children of God towards God the Father to have relationship with Him. If the people all over the world are serious about human ethics towards God and give utmost importance to it to be honoured by all human beings on the earth, it will be a stepping stone towards bringing about the desired change of the people in all areas of life and thus the hope of the world lies there only.
There is no school of thought, no religion, no philosophy, no wisdom, no human device and plan which is deeper, higher, wider and better than the ethics of human beings towards God the Creator. Ignorance of it has no excuse, skepticism is most foolish and indifference is indicative of shallowness before God.
So all individuals, societies, organizations, institutions and Governmental authorities have to spontaneously coordinate with one another to serve the great purpose of translating the dream into reality. As we are all the children of God, let us honour human ethics towards God, “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM and OBEY HIM.” The more it is given importance and honoured the better.

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