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Human ethics of relationship

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Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

1. All human beings are to know the Creator, the heavenly Father.
2. Humankind being the creatures of God are to know ethical relationship with the Creator God.
3. The Creator alone is to be believed , feared and obeyed.
4. Besides the Creator , there is no other god to be believed , feared and worshipped and to be given loyalty.
5. God is the truth and His words are true and there is no lie.
6. The truth is the truth and twisting it and compromising it is sin.
7. God is the Lord over the heavens and the earth and He is the Lord over every human being and His Lordship over every human being is to be honoured.8. Indulging in sin is self-destruction and loss.
9. Patience in righteousness and integrity is a precious life before God and before fellow men and women.
10. Sinful practices whatsoever are not to be condoned as cultural practices. For instances; giving bribery and accepting it in election between the electorate and the candidates; taking commission of not his or her own; in criminal cases; doing intentional injustice to any one discriminating the people; in dealing with contraband goods; time corruption etc.
11. Fearing God is courageous life but unfearing God is full of timidity and it effects moral life and health.
12. Having relationship with God always paves the way for consistent and peaceful life and promotes it in the society. We have to examine ourselves any time.
13. As inspired by the good Spirit of God Almighty, we love every human being on the earth; but we cannot compromise the truth and bow down to any idol worshipping symbols.
14. Land dispute or politics is not outside of the parameter of humanity nor is a dirty game. Good is good and evil is evil in any profession or area of life.
15. If any of our cultural practices jeopardizes or are detrimenal to our peaceful relationship with God, it should be shunned.
16. We need to do justice to the people and where there is justice, peace and order is prevalent and where there is injustice, there is confusion and chaos. Do we do justice to the Lord? We really need to do justice to our Creator.
17. Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and your “No” be “No” ; “anything beyond that comes from the evil one.”( Mat 5 : 37 ). This is meant for all in all situations.
18. We have to be cautious in boundaries. If we are encroached by others, it is not a sin ; if we encroach , it is a gross sin. We should avoid sinning.
19. The people in general wound or kill their near and dear ones, relatives, friends and colleagues of organizations more than others in biasly defending or taking side of them instead of correcting them in their wrongs. It usually ignites communalism. Whatever may be the relationship, the truth is to be found out.
20. Human peace lies in keeping the law of relationship with God : “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM” ; and as it is the beginning and foundation of human ethical relationship with the Creator , it demands that the whole world acknowledges it and goes back to it in order to go forward to attaining human peace.

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