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HPC formed for road repair works in Dimapu

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2013 2:18 am

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n a significant development, that could rightly be seen as long overdue, a High Power Committee (HPC) was formed on Friday afternoon to oversee the repair (read construction) of roads in Dimapur. The HPC will be headed by the Commissioner and Secretary for Home, Works and Housing, Temjen Toy, who will be assisted by DC Dimapur, SP Dimapur, DIG (Range) Dimapur, village/colony authorities and other civil society leaders. All the five elected representatives from Dimapur will also act as co-opted members of the HPC.
The decision was taken at a meeting held Friday at Niathu Resort Dimapur in which R&B officials along with the minister for Roads and Bridges Kuzholuzo Nienu held a meeting with leaders/chairmen of different colonies and civil organizations.
It was decided in the meeting that the High Power Committee would oversee the process of “road repair” in Dimapur, which is likely to commence in the month of October. On the suggestion of Commissioner and Secretary for Home, Works and Housing, Temjen Toy, it was however decided that a “Technical Committee” would be formed first to conduct a case study after which the HPC would start working basing on the technical report.
Minister Nienu insisted that the state government was “truly serious” about providing good roads “this time.” “But mind you, we don’t have magic wand. And we can only take it slowly and slowly,” he said.
Despite fund constraints, Kuzholuzo Nienu said, that the state government “really wants to make a difference” with the “meager amount” allotted by the Centre. “We have already earmarked some good money for Dimapur to repair the road between hotel Tragopan point and DC court junction,” he announced.
Nienu also informed that a proposal to hand over the SARDP project in Nagaland to the state government would be forwarded to the central government soon. He felt that the private firm currently in-charge of the SARDP project in the state has only ended up “destroying the existing roads.”
Further taking note of the points raised by the public in the meeting, some of which were downright blunt, Kuzholuzo Nienu expressed hope that the village/colony authorities would exhibit similar “courage and determination” when the “project is implemented.”
“I hope that you don’t back out and disappear when we come to implement the works. Your words and actions should be same,” he felt.
In connection with the repair works to be carried out, the minister informed that a “case study” will be conducted soon to establish whether the contract works should be issued to private firms or to government agencies.
As suggested by the public representatives, Nienu also assured that proper drainage system would be constructed side by side the roads.

Points discussed in the meeting:

– Construction of service lane between Chumukedima and Purana Bazaar.
– Widening of road to CIHSR from National Highway.
– laning of road between Green Park and Sovima Cricket Stadium.
– laning of road to Nagaland Zoological Park.
– Dismantling of building(s) at Agri Expo entrance gate.
– laning of road of road to Multi Purpose Sports Complex in Dimapur.
– laning of road from National Highway to ICFAI University in Sovima.

By EMN Updated: Aug 17, 2013 2:18:37 am