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How good is Nagaland government’s good sense?

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~ Thepfulhouvi Solo ~

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]HE Citizens of a State commonly look up their Government for example of Good Sense.
The Government recently made a completely incongruous and untenable NGO as the Nodal Agency in a pivotal State consultative position leaving the Chief Secretary or the Home Commissioner wide eyed!
The question of: What fires the Engine of Nagaland Government today, is very surprising.
Just the other day, the CM inaugurated the move to construct a Museum Cum Library in the Secretariat Area in memory of ‘Rani Gaidinliu’!
With wonderment and without malice or jealousy:
i. Who is Gaidinliu?
ii. Is she a Rani of the Nagas of Nagaland?
iii. What has She done for Nagaland?
iv. Can such a thing of great Public consequences be done in such a casual manner without debate in the State Assembly?
At this rate, I would not be much surprised if a larger that life size Bronze Statue of Gaidinliu is erected in some traffic Islands at Kohima for Christians of Nagaland to worship.
The Nagas have no Raja or Rani, this has been recorded historically and the Colonial Power never entered into any Treaty or Agreement with the Nagas. Of all the kindred Tribes in the Northeast, fortunately the Nagas are the only People with whom the East India Company made no Treaty. They wanted to make Treaty with the King of the Nagas, but Nagas had no King; they had only Spear. That was reasons why Nagaland escaped Annexation to the British Empire of India. That is why the Nagas of Nagaland are very sensitive of the Common Noun.
Who is Gaidinliu?
She is a Kabui Naga (Rongmei) Lady from a Manipur Village. Her People honor and venerate her very much for her following the footsteps of Jadonang (Zaduannang Kabui), the greatest Social Activists and Hero of the Rongmei Community.
Jadonang was hanged by Government of Manipur in 29 August 1931 on charges of Murder and Gaidinliu took up Jadonangs Cause.
The Government of Manipur pursued her for her movement against it; she ran away to Naga Hills but was ultimately arrested and banished to ‘Kala Pani’ in the Andaman Islands.
On India’s Independence, Gadinliu was released, Nehru fondly called her a ‘Naga Rani’ on hearing she opposed the British, and since then the Epithet stuck to her,
The last Deputy Commissioner of Naga Hills Sir. CR Pawsey, apprehending Social disturbances if allowed to stay near her Community, sent her to far away very remote Chang Village of Yimrep then in NEFA, now in Tuensang District of Nagaland.
When an accidental jungle Fire burned remote Yimrep some years ago, this Writer on a Charity Mission of Khedi Church found Gaidinliu’s Takupat-Bamboo House completely reduced to ashes in the Village.
In the 80s and early 90s, this Writer used to sometimes see Gaidinliu attend State Celebrations, Functions and State Dinners at Kohima in traditionally well dressed, but never had the chance to talk to her. However, he (Writer) happened to talk with people who have talked or tried to talk to her and they told me it was not possible to discuss serious Matters with her coherently. ‘She does not talk much and when she does it is incoherent. She would talk to herself and mumble words to herself. She appeared possessed of Spirits’, said a person who sometimes provided food provisions when she was living in Yimrep Village long ago.
It is not heard any outside her Tribe talk of her highly; Her community venerates her very much and that is good.
But the question is: What has she done for Nagaland?
She was used by Powers that be in Nagaland against Naga National Cause. She was against the Church, against Education, against Student going to Schoool for learning and against Farmers working in the Fields. She claimed knowledge would come automatically if books are kept inside the Pillow. Namrikin Raju Peyu FGN claims she eliminated the Pastors, Deacon, Secretary and Church Superintendent from Namtiram at Towsen Village, the Khampais, her Body Guards eliminated 16 and 9 Naga National Cadres of Magulong and Ngaulung respectively. She is even claimed to have drunk the blood of butchered Captain Puilunding of Naga Army.
These things sounds more like a person in possession of evil Spirit that a person with Social and Political Vission.
To call Spade a Spade: Gaidinliu was never a Naga Rani, she has done nothing outside her own Tribe. It is alright her community venerates her, but Nagaland has nothing to venerate her for, much less construct a Museum Cum Library in her honor in the hallowed ground of Nagaland State Secretariat.
It is an affront to Nagaland and its People to raise Memorials for such persons. Let her Villagers build whatever they like in her memory in their Village but not in Nagaland.
Nagaland has not remembered its illustrious sons like Kevichüsa Angami of Meruno Clan, the first Naga BA, the first to announce: “Nagas are a Nation”, the first Naga to get IAS and one of the first to start a Regional Party and whose Wife Mani –a MIzo- raised the Naga Flag on the morning of 14 August 1947; or like Mangyangnokcha BA, who gave his life for the Education of the Aos, the Semas, the Sangtams and others, or like Rev. Kijung and Rev. Longri who gave their lives for the Salvation of all the Naga Tribes and T. Ao, India’s first Football Captain to London Olympics in 1948 (because of cold London, his Team stayed and practiced in Shillong for acclimatization) and who is said to have told the Queen of England: “I am Naga”.

Have Nagas or Nagaland Government lost their Good Sense?

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