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Monday, February 06, 2023
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How Can I Send My Kids Unless Teachers Are Vaccinated?

By EMN Updated: Jul 24, 2021 8:26 pm

W.H.O. never declared universal vaccination. The Constitution of nations across the globe preserves Rights & Equality of all its citizens. This is true even from the Human Rights point of view. But how can I send my kids to schools unless teachers are vaccinated? Who will take the responsibility? What is the guarantee that school children of Nagaland will not succumb to this infection unless precautionary measure is adopted? From sources of friends in the U.S, employees vaccinated are not willing to sit with the unvaccinated in the office.  Moreover, how would I attend church if church members are not vaccinated? In this case, Church is a more vulnerable place where church members never disclose of their asymptomatic problem for months.  In only serious situations they are compelled to go to Hospitals and only at that time authority come to know for record. But before that he or she might have already infected someone unknowingly.  On the other hand, even Church leaders too never dare to announce that asymptomatic members should be quarantined at home and should not come to church understandably for sometime until their health is improved well again or vaccinated; because the Church leaders are scared of collapse of their church’s financial revenue. Is it discrimination against those who have such mentality? No, this is not discrimination! It is a well-constructed mentality for prevention of further possible spread of infection that sits in the mindsof all people for preventive measures. We have already learned enough from the fact that millions who died in United States, Italy, U.K.  Brazil, etc. were Christians. Many Pastors, Reverends and well-meaning Christians also died unexpectedly and unbelievably in all the countries without exception of our state too. Should we consider this only on the negative line of compulsory vaccination without considering the reason and purpose behind the herculean task taken up by the countries and WHO? Difference of connotation of compulsory and forceful should also be noted well. The purpose of the action should be understood well instead of simply perceiving with negative mentality.  

Mrs Lassie Singh
A mother of two kids,
Burma Camp, Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Jul 24, 2021 8:26:39 pm