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House creates history: Kenye on NLA confidence motion

By EMN Updated: Feb 06, 2015 12:39 am

Dimapur, February 5

A jubilant NPF Secretary General, KG Kenye has generously showered accolades equally upon Chief Minister TR Zeliang and Kaito Aye for their optimistic attributes exhibited during the confidence motion in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly today, saying much against the anticipated violence, the floor was doubly peaceful and the ambience cordial. Kenye on behalf of the party also congratulated citizens of the State for unprecedented victory giving cent percent support through their representatives in the Assembly to the confidence motion moved by Zeliang.
“The floor of the Assembly on the 5th February, 2015 was a marvellous demonstration of unity amongst all the 60 representatives. The State, as envisioned in its Emblem, achieved “Unity” on that day – “unity” that crossed parties, mindsets, agendas, ideologies, policies and programmes.”
He said, a new kind of all party unity emerged on the floor, at a time, when the union government under Narendra Damodar Modi is committed to resolve the vexed question of Naga political problem at the earliest.
“The red carpet for the resolution of the political problem was laid in an unprecedented manner by this all party unity on the floor. This has given the TR Zeliang government a shot in the arm for proactively facilitating the peace talks.”
“When the Speaker announced that 59 members had tick marked on “Yes” for TR Zeliang’s continuance as chief minister with no exception,” he said, “the Lord’s bell harmoniously tolled for the early settlement of the Naga political problem.”
He said, it is not a mere stable government that can catalyze the solution, but, an all party government that has now come about.
Stating that it was not a surprise, but a miracle, NPF secretary general said, February’s first Thursday miraculously dawned a New Destiny on Nagaland.
“Amidst the gloom and clouds of dissent, differences and distrust, there was a downpour of ‘all parties handshake’ on the floor of the House within a few minutes of the chief minister moving the confidence motion.”
He said, while the chief minister was suave and sagacious, Kaito Aye, was more polite, more accommodative and more forthcoming for a fusion of minds and hearts.
“The floor of the Assembly thus forged a new political reunion. I lay the entire credit to the doors of Almighty. In Bible (St. John 16: 33) Lord says: “These words I spake unto you, that in me you might have peace. You shall have tribulations in this world, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome this world.” True to this prophecy, it was Lord who gave quietus to the month long ordeal within the NPF.”
Now the House has created history, the yoke of carrying out the best governance for the people has fallen on our shoulders – the party, the Government and likeminded men and women. I beckon all of you, dear brothers and sisters, to participate in this journey of peace, progress and development, the three mottos of the DAN Government. DAN is now an expanded family, in view of the all party support to it in the House.
On behalf of the party, Kenye assured that it would be the party’s utmost endeavour to ensure that governance is geared up on the fast track of meaningful development and speedy delivery.
After meeting the leaders in the union government and central BJP over the past few weeks, Kenye asserted hope that they were too willing to assist the people of Nagaland to expeditiously extricate the State from financial and industrial backwardness.
On the celebrative occasion, Kenye wished that the spirit and mood that prevailed in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly becomes the beacon light to guide all in the months and years to come.

By EMN Updated: Feb 06, 2015 12:39:18 am