Horizon: Guerrilla Games Confirms Development Of Third Game
Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Horizon: Guerrilla Games confirms development of third game

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Apr 24, 2023 9:48 pm
Horizon's Aloy character
Source: Guerrilla Games.

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that they are currently working on the third instalment of its wildly popular Horizon series. The company announced the development in a blog post and the upcoming game will feature Aloy as the main protagonist once again.

In a recent blog post, Guerrilla announced that Angie Smets, the studio director and executive producer, has moved on to become the head of development strategy at PlayStation Studios. The company confirmed that Joel Eschler, Hella Schmidt and Jan-Bart van Beek would be part of its new management team.

“After almost an incredible 20 years at Guerrilla, our Studio Director and Executive Producer Angie Smets is starting a new role as Head of Development Strategy at PlayStation Studios,” the company stated.

Guerrilla expressed their confidence in the new leadership and their ability to lead the studio towards a bright future.

“We have full confidence in our new leadership as they steer Guerrilla towards a bright future, expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure and our exciting online project,” the company wrote.

The studio has also hinted that they are working on other transmedia projects for Horizon, including a PlayStation VR2 game called Horizon Call of the Mountain, a rumoured Horizon Zero Dawn remaster for PS5, a Netflix TV series adaptation and an MMO spin-off.

Recently, Horizon Forbidden West received a significant expansion called Burning Shores, which continues Aloy’s journey as she prepares for the arrival of the genocidal artificial intelligence Nemesis.

The announcement of a new Horizon game in development has undoubtedly thrilled the fans of the series.

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Apr 24, 2023 9:48:16 pm
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