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Hopes and Expectations

By EMN Updated: Feb 10, 2015 9:08 pm

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryone was holding nerves to the possible outcome of the election in the capital city of our nation. Speculations wrapped through every media, making almost every house hold a talking point, yet no one expected that the 10th February will bring to such a degree of hurt to the egos of two heavy weight national parties, the BJP and the INC, reducing BJP into a single digit of three and congress into a zero, nothing to be proud of except that it was invented by the Indians. The exit poll turns out to be correct except a little over confidence on BJP. Indeed it was a nightmare for both the parties.The magic wand of Modi that has been vending across the nation seems to have come to halt at the capital city. It was a moment of humiliation for the BJP in particular being projected as the closes rival, when Delhites comes to say, selling/distributing tea on paper is no longer working in Delhi, post cards of the Chai Wallah is no longer attractive though one fines them in every corner of the city. Delhi is boldly saying, stop littering the city with your pictures rather invest the money in buying us the real tea not the pictures.
The other question that most of us asked and goes unanswered is that, will the veteran Congress ever come back or will they die a slow death with their age-old egos or will they shed their egos and wake from their sleep of corruption and re-connect to the people with new vision. All these developments around us clearly indicates that, this nation is no longer interested in celebrating the past glory only, but wants to move on with new vision that will answer the dreams of this new generation.
On the other hand while celebrations are on, should we shy away in cautioning the newly born child (the AAP) to hold their horses, and be more careful in pursuing their dreams to make Delhi in particular and India in general a corruption free nation. We as responsible citizens must not shy away but come forward and voice our opinion that every dream comes with responsibility. Shouldering this responsibility will not be easy as it demands a lot of hard-work and dedication. The system is already demanding a genuine service of cleaning the litterbugs, andto heal the disease of ‘corruption’ that this nation has been suffering for such a long time. The question that disturbs in the midst of celebration is that, will they live up to the expectation? Will they walk the talk? Or will it turn out to be just like watching a world cup match, wherein the spectators have so must to say about the players’ in the field? Knowing the fact they (AAP) have not really played in the field except 49 days in the last election.
Delhi is so kind in putting their hopes again to this new born child, giving them another chance to prove themselves, of what they promised to become. Putting the Chai Wallah into a shocking state, by saying, no work no tea…! Is this a lesson to learn for the Chai Wallahs and the likes? The foot prints of the newly elected party will answer the credibility of this question. But for now, we must all congratulate the newly elected Aam Admi Party, as they take forward the hopes and expectations of the people in Delhi.

Wungnaongam Pou

By EMN Updated: Feb 10, 2015 9:08:40 pm