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Monday, July 15, 2024

Honour Fallen

By EMN Updated: Aug 01, 2017 12:24 am

We honour leaders that dedicate their lives to serving the people and protecting the Naga way of life. However the characteristics that we hold up such as intelligence, good democratic judgement, integrity in one’s words and actions, and compassion for the people seems to be in limited supply in our state. We have elected leaders based upon political affiliations, clan/family connections and undeniably for personal gain monetary or otherwise. We have chosen leaders that feed on our fears and prejudices, and we have focused on short term benefits over long term necessities. Our society desperately needs more leaders who demonstrate vision, who will engage, inspire, and take our people forward. Focusing on only winning an election and thereafter desperately trying to make up for spent wealth, blatantly neglecting the dire need to work for the community’s welfare and development is unbecoming of true, passionate leaders. But who is to blame? Aren’t we all equally responsible as our elected leaders? As the public, we are the core of the system and unless each one owns responsibility, there doesn’t seem to be any respite for our society but to be trapped in the present state of affairs. It is high time for each of us to own responsibility and do our part instead of pointing fingers. It is the duty of every individual to play an active part in ushering in a better social system which will benefit us for generations to come. Perhaps we can begin by asking our leaders the obvious but necessary questions about road development, water and sanitation initiatives and plans on combating electricity shortages. Above all the need of the hour is stability, it is obvious that the people are craving for stability in every aspect, be it stable leaders, stable government, stable society. The unrest in our society is slowly but surely devouring us, especially the youths who are left frustrated and wanting. And for a society to flourish, the youths are the most crucial so it is of utmost importance to give them the right direction and platform. With the next general elections just around the corner we can start afresh. It is up to us as citizens of the largest democracy in the world to exercise our democratic right wisely and regain our lost honour.

By EMN Updated: Aug 01, 2017 12:24:42 am
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