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Holy Redeemer Church gets facelift

By EMN Updated: Feb 16, 2015 12:21 am

Dimapur, February 15

The renovated Holy Redeemer Church, Tobu has been dedicated by Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, Bishop of Kohima today. Bishop in his homily congratulated the fathers, sisters and the community for having completed the beautiful church. Bishop said that the biggest, highest and best buildings in all villages and towns are the churches.
“We put on the best dress and make up on Sundays. It only shows that we want the best to offer to God. But our best is not the material structure or the external show. We, every Christian, is the living Church, temple of the Holy Spirit. The external worship we make in the Church should be a sign and symbol of our internal worship of life and actions. Or else our worship will be only that of the lip service, not worship in spirit and in truth.”
Citing the political and social scenario in the state, the Bishop asked whether people are close to God and offer true worship. “What is happening around us is contrary to our Christina faith and belief. Often times we are only Christian by name, not in fact. Jesus told us that by our love and service we will be known as his disciples. As Christians can we be silent on corruption, killing of the innocent, tribal and other feuds? Can we tolerate the killing of the innocent and the suffering caused to the innocent people? Jesus forgave his enemies; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” and thus left us the example of forgiveness. We seek God’s pardon and we are called to pardon and forgive one another. Therefore bishop appealed to all to forgive one another and begin a new chapter in our Christian life. Let us not build only the external church, but build up the internal church; a church that will last for eternity, a church in which we offer true worship in spirit and truth. The bishop also pointed out to the concelebrants, Frs. Benjamin Chang, Thomas Yimchunger, Isaac Sema, Ashikho Mao, Joseph Kath, all from Nagaland, Frs. from Chittishgarh, from Kerala and from Assam, as clear example of the unity and universality of our Christian faith. How happy we will be when we live in love and unity he asked? Our education should refine our character. As we take pride in our faith, we must live it with greater fidelity.”
Bishop requested the congregation to pray for peace in Nagaland particularly for peace between the Yimchunger and Chang tribes. Bishop with fathers visited St. Thomas Church, Tuensang and prayed for the peace and amicable settlement between two tribes.
Rev Fr. Sivi, Parish Priest, Tobu accorded the words of welcome to Most Rev. Dr. James Thoppil, fathers, sisters, different Church and public leaders and invitees. There was also a short felicitation program and community meal.

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