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Hollywood’s Michael Hoffman: Haider will get crossover recognition

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2014 10:45 pm

Hollywood industry’s famous director Michael Hoffman apparently feels that Bollywood is growing and that the Indian cinema is becoming more sophisticated.
Speaking about the Hindi cinema, he said, “Bollywood is shifting and changing. Bollywood is getting more sophisticated and broader but still maintaining the roots of Indian cinema.”
Michael in currently in India to promote his film, The Best Of Me and even plans to watch Shahrukh Khan’s recently released super hit film, Happy New Year.
Speaking about the many Bollywood movies, he said, “I have heard a lot about ‘Haider’ and ‘Maqbool’. These are some interesting films.”
“I don’t know that… Indian films are different. It has a more realistic approach, but one thing that gets difficult for India is the existence of the massive Bollywood tradition,” he added.
Speaking about Bollywood film industry’s growth he said, “I also feel that Bollywood is sort of coming up. People are a lot more interested and the marriage between the Bollywood style and strong content like ‘Haider’… that kind of film (with) serious content and distinctive style will definitely get a crossover recognition.”
It is definitely a proud moment for Bollywood who have been getting noticed by the Hollywood industry and the entire world cinema.

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2014 10:45:54 pm