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History made as 1st Nagaland Olympic games commence

By Mirror Desk Updated: Dec 13, 2017 11:23 pm

Tuensang leads at medal tally after day one

Dimapur, Dec. 13 (EMN): After an impressive opening ceremony at the DDSC on Tue, the 1st edition of the Nagaland Olympics entered day one on Wednesday. After months of planning for the event, all focus will be on the sporting activities to be held for the next three days held in four different venues.
During the all day sporting activities at Nagaland Armed Police Training Centre (NAPTC), Vice President Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA), HK Khulu and other NOA members went around giving words of encouragement to the sportsmen and women from different districts. NOA member, Abu Mehta during the WUSHU championship said that the first Naga Olympics might be a small and simple step but hoped it will be significant and will become a new journey for sport in Nagaland. He further encouraged that the sportsmanship and discipline should be carried forward to bring pride to Nagaland.
The sporting events of various discipline across four venues of Dimapur which included Police Complex Chumukedima, Tetso College, Niathu Resort and Lawn Tennis Centre and Kuda Village.
Results of the various disciplines on Dec. 13 are as follows:
5000M (men)
1st Pache, Tuensang
2nd Thungtimoba, Tuensang
3rd Longshithun G. Ovung, Mokokchung
3000M (women)
1stTsuchoi. T, Tuensang
2nd Peiheiteile Esaluny, Dimapur
3rd Keleseny Valeo, Mokokchung
Shot put (Men)
1st Seluokuolie Kire, Kohima
2nd Melevo Rose, Phek
3rd Seyiekhrietuo Yiese, Kohima
High jump (women)
1st Aungukali Kiho, Dimapur
2nd Kelhousenuo Soruno, Kohima
3rd Dziesengunuo, Kohima
100M (men)
1st Network Tunyi, Phek
2nd Rongsenmeren, Dimapur
3rd Medoneituo Sekhose, Kohima
100M (women)
1st Tsujen Shiu, Tuensang
2nd Lanutula Jamir, Mokokchung
3rd Vitsokhonuo Rurhie, Kohima
Shot put (women)
1st Ruulhoubeinuo, Dimapur
2nd Vithonu Theyo, Dimapur
3rd Petekhrienuo, Kohima
High jump (men)
1st Luzio Venuh, Phek
2nd Ato Chutso, Kohima
3rd Kuzhony, Phek
800M (women)
1stTsuchoi. T, Tuensang
2nd Pilheiteile, Dimapur
3rdShoniu. S, Tuensang
800M (men)
1st Dupisa Pucho, Kohima
2nd Mulusayi, Phek
3rd N. Punchong, Tuensang
Mens’ tennis
1stVilesier Khate
2nd Metba Phom
3rd Zhaputso Khate
Football (Group A)
1. Phek-3 & wokha-0
2. Mon-5 & Tuensang-2
3. Zunheboto-4 & Longleng-2
Taekwondo Boys (U-33kgs)
1st Tenloi Phom, Tuensang
2nd Numhei, Peren
3rd Neikhozo Naprantsu, Kohima
Taekwondo Boys (U-65kgs)
1st seyievilie Angami, Kohima
2nd Kenielevo Nagi, Wokha
3rd Iteipetbo Nkie, Peren
4th Samuel Meen, Dimapur
In Archery, around 90 people are participating from 9 districts. The archery competition is being held in three different categories, namely, Indian Round, Recurve and Compound. The finals will be held on Dec. 15.


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