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Highlights from Day Ninth of Hornbill Festival

By EMN Updated: Dec 10, 2013 12:31 am

Kohima, December 9

The annual Hornbill Festival of Nagaland has truly become an international festival, attracting an increasing number of tourists every year and gaining more popularity. The number of people who arrived for the festival till the 8th day numbered 1, 62, 318 with 1, 347 of them accounting for foreign tourists. The information is as per the statistics maintained by the state government’s directorate of Tourism.During the morning session of the 9th day of the ongoing Hornbill Festival, 2013 cultural troupes from all parts of Nagaland representing different tribes performed cultural songs and dances on the theme ‘Culturally Yours’ at the Naga Heritage village, Kisama. The participating cultural troupes and the items included Jiimii Xantsa Kiiliipsa by Sangsomong village Yangtsung cultural club, An-Tepong Rara by Longsalong cultural culb, Mokokchung , Khakina Kha/Khu Njanthung Na Phyoala Wodeno Na Aa-Wo by N/Longdang youth cultural troupe, Nhapii Li by Phusachodu village cultural troupe, Niuberii, Kelem Miiktaklak Jihki by Kiutanso cultural club, Huker village, Log pulling song by Lephori village cultural troupe, Saora Spora & The Mermaid Queen by Garo cultural society, Dimapur, Yongleih Jhu Haipii by Angphang dancing group, Mon, and Hebo cultural society.
The afternoon session of the festivities was marked by various cultural performances from Man-Asho by Nanglang cultural troupe society, Khiozao He by Pathso village cultural club, Gosem/Goshem Lam by Kuki cultural troupe, Bungsang, Indigenous Game by Western Angami cultural society, Sekmou Onet by Noksen village cultural society, Phaidabe by New Jalukie cultural club, Anga Kaghaju Khwi by Tesophenyu cultural group and Daobo-Atheng Kharnai by Mech Kachari cultural troupe.

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