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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Nagaland, Tuensang

Heavy rain wreak havoc across districts in Nagaland

By EM Bureau Updated: Apr 22, 2024 8:51 pm
Bridge collapse cuts off Y Anner village of Tuensang

DIMAPUR —The Langake Bridge at Y Anner village (also known as Y Awunru village) in Chessore Sub-Division, Tuensang, collapsed due to heavy rainfall on the night of Saturday, April 20.

On Monday, the president of Y Anner Students’ Union, Shophu L informed Eastern Mirror that the village has been cut off from Shamator as the main bridge connecting Chessore and Shamator has collapsed. Furthermore, he mentioned that due to the water overflow, most of the paddy fields and fisheries belonging to the villagers of Y. Anner have been destroyed.

Though the villagers can still travel towards Tuensang district via Kuthur village by two-wheelers, he said, with the main bridge collapsed, the villagers have been completely cut off from Shamator.

He said that a smaller RCC bridge linking Y Anner village and Kuthur village remains intact and currently in a usable condition; however, the road condition has been severely affected.

He added that the main road of Y Anner village has suffered damage from the overflowing water, and the electricity supply was also disrupted for two days. Only on Monday was electricity restored in the village.

Deputy Commissioner of Shamator, Y Chingyak Konyak, informed Eastern Mirror that damage assessments were ongoing and acknowledged that some villages have been completely isolated. He added that on Monday, they managed to connect Melangkiur village, yet some more villages remain inaccessible.

He also stated that they were currently assessing the situation with the Disaster Management Authority and compiling the data. The collected information about affected areas will be reported to the state government once the assessment is complete.

NSDMA reports damages across districts

Following warnings issued by the Nagaland Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) through the media and SMS alerts, it was reported on Monday that heavy thunderstorms and hailstorms on April 20 caused damage to households and public infrastructure such as roads and bridges in many districts.

In a press statement, NSDMA informed that a major landslide occurred in St. John A Ward, Tuensang town, where 25 houses had to be evacuated. The road connecting Mokokchung to Tuensang has been badly affected, especially from Longkhim to Tuensang, where nearly 15 landslides have been reported, seven of which are severe.

It stated that this is likely to cut off the road between Mokokchung and Tuensang unless the concerned line departments take immediate measures. This landslide was triggered by the extreme weather on April 20.

Furthermore, it stated that in Noklak, a casualty was reported due to a flash flood that occurred in a field under Pathso Noking village. Damages were also reported affecting road infrastructure, especially on the Noklak to Nokhu road and Noklak to Pathso, as well as the Noklak to Tuensang road.

The road from Noklak to Nokhu was eventually opened for one-way traffic with the intervention of the District Disaster Management Authority and the concerned line departments.

Peren district was also affected, with many houses severely damaged by pre-monsoon extreme weather events that occurred on March 26.

It stated that in Niuland district, reports have been received of damages to households in Hevishe village. Power communication lines were disrupted in the Showba area, and many roofs were blown away at Kaghaboto village. Additionally, vegetation was damaged, and heavy waterlogging was observed in many locations.

In Kiphire district, damages were reported from Old Monger, Sitimi town area, Mutriki river area, and Kiusam town area. Houses, granaries, pipelines, electric poles, agricultural crops, and fisheries were severely affected.

In Tuensang district, damage reports were received from Chare, Chimonger, Longkhim, Mangakhi, Anangba, Helipong, Noksen, Litem, Tuensang village, and Tuensang town. Road blockades, culvert damages, and major landslides were reported from many locations.

In Chümoukedima, damage reports to households were received from Manglumukh village, Shikhavi village, and Sietheke Basa.

In Zunheboto district, damages were reported from Akuba New village, VK town, and Suruhoto. In Wokha district, damages were reported from Airfield, Tsumang B, and Etsutchukha colony. Damages included waterlogging, drainage blockades, and household damages.

By EM Bureau Updated: Apr 22, 2024 8:51:44 pm
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