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Hard Task Ahead

By EMN Updated: Jul 26, 2017 8:47 pm

Tali   Longkumer  IAS (Rtd) | EMN

The record of the present tenure of the Members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly will go down as unenviable, unstable and scandal related batch in the annals of Nagaland Legislative history. During their present tenure public leaders were busy changing leaders and forming new Governments rather than serving the people for whom they are elected. Much to the dislike of many, the famous Maxim…. ‘Politics is the last refuge for the scoundrels’ holds so true should the above maxim be applied to the present political scenario. We lately have elected representatives, crammed in a mixed bag, consisting of the good, the bad and the ugly. Whereas the good that are in smaller numbers says or act precious little, the bad and the ugly that constitutes the bulk of the bag runs the show in bringing the state to the present unenviable situation where we must have earned the little ‘uniqueness’ but for wrong reasons. We are presumably left with an uncertain future where the present ministry is more likely to be embroiled in managing to run the jumbo ministry itself instead of sorting out the various vexing issues such as backdoor appointments, financial abuse in various departments, deplorable road conditions, a sense of hopelessness among people and a very uncertain future that is looming before us. There will always be problems when ministry is formed on grounds of rewards but rather on merits.

It is indeed unfortunate that amidst intensive campaigns by the Church and the N.G.O’s for clean election, paradoxically the elected representatives for whom clean election is initiated, instead camped at Kaziranga holiday resort. What a tragedy. Is it an exhibition of fine leadership quality or an expression of unrestrained lust for power?

Humanely speaking, one cannot expect a miracle during the next few months. Rather we will witness a period of intensive preparation for the next Assembly Election with election related tours, speeches and exhortations in Churches and public places. Churches also need not worry much for the expenditures during the coming Christmas feasts as hopefully public leaders will take care of most of the expenditure during the ensuing Christmas.

It is time for every sensible Naga to seriously introspect the kind and quality of leaders that we would be electing within few months. Let us pray and seek wisdom from above in all sincerity that only clean honest and capable leaders are elected to clean our State that is currently in shambles. It is a hard task ahead but we can do it if we have the will.

By EMN Updated: Jul 26, 2017 8:47:45 pm