Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hard Decisive Days

By EMN Updated: Oct 28, 2017 12:10 am

Days fleeting by like clouds ere the storm,
Hastened by adversity in its cruelest form,
T’at eats away into the fibres of your heart,
As time flies, and a relationship falls apart.

Oh! Who had but foreseen such outcome:
Of Love waxing cold in spirits bittersome;
Of trust betrayed by ugly secrets and lies,
As the aggrieved Soul inconsolably cries.

Times were when I harnessed my thought,
And meddled not in bloody battles fought;
Times were when I restrained my poor self:
Bore unwarranted hurt like a victimised elf.

‘Stead I sought and worked for brighter days.
That, what was made one may not part ways;
That, good sense may prevail over vain glory,
And All may find peace for their souls weary.

Alas! Past Half a Decade of suppressed tears,
T’is embittered soul protests & no more cares
‘bout promises & commitments made hastily.
For all it cares, is for All of US to live happily.

Thus, I stand today, affirmed in His Wisdom,
That ‘The Decision’ was not made in random.
Rather in t’e knowledge of w’at was revealed
By God of w’at had long remained concealed.

And so, as my days go passing by,
My mind keeps on wondering why
God chose yours truly, who has nothing
To stand for those who have everything.

Ere the Sun go down on this life,
What now cuts deep like a knife,
Will no longer cause hurt to US.
For This too shall come to pass.

A. Anato Swu

By EMN Updated: Oct 28, 2017 12:10:02 am