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Harassment in Government Offices

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2019 9:31 pm

I am writing with much disappointment over the District Transport Office and Passport Office, Dimapur.

If one has to apply for a Driving Licence, a form costing INR 20/- has to be procured from the office. Later at the completion of filling up the form, the applicants are charged with INR 500/- and INR 1500/- is charged in case of delay in renewing. The irony is that no receipts are given for any of the payments made. As per my assumptions, at least 300 applicants apply in a day. The amount that flows in to the department’s office in a day comes up to 2 lakhs on average. The accountability of the amount can be highly questioned as no receipts are given. Keeping that in mind, the completion of renewing process takes 6 (six) months. Time and money of the applicants are also wasted while doing rounds in the office for update on the process. The applicants are at times sent back with excuses like system malfunction which is highly doubtful as the department having such in-flow of money should be well equipped. The process has become harassment to the applicants starting from the payment to completion of the process.

It is again a common issue in the passport’s office where proper information are not given to why the issuing of passports are delayed or at times been cancelled. Many students have lost the opportunity to go abroad due to improper functioning of the passport office.

These things have become a harassment which instead should be for the convenience of the public. The element of corruption is highly suspected in the system. The concerned authority needs to check the mentioned departments and take up necessary action for smoother functioning and also the convenience of the public.

ZN Venuh

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2019 9:31:47 pm