Sunday, July 03, 2022
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Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to All the Mother’s in the World

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2022 8:25 pm

A Prayer for My Mother 

I Pray Oh God! Give my mother the strength she needs;

She’s walked down a million Rocky Mountains;

She’s never given up despite the foggy road;

I pray, Oh God! Grant her a Saint’s Crown;

She’s devoted to all her duties without complaint;

She’s a friend loyal and honest to the bone;

I pray, Oh God! Lighten her load;

She’d sacrifice her happiness for the rest to smile;

She’d hide her tears with the brightest star gaze;

I pray, Oh God! Never let her kowtow in Shame;

She’s walked the path of pain and hunger;

She’s walked a martyr’s path, not easy;

I pray I pray for you Lord to keep her warm;

Fill her bosom with that of your Heavenly Joy and Happiness;

Fill her with your peace and contentment for her Faithfulness;

Grant her! Her heart’s desire for her commitment to Motherhood;

This I genuinely ask dear Lord, lifting her into Your Mighty Hands in Prayer.

Apele Mero

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2022 8:25:13 pm