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Happy Chada Nyi – Jotsoma Youth Organisation

By EMN Updated: Aug 07, 2019 11:19 pm

As we reach the season of “Chada Nyi”, the unique festival of cleaning roads and paths leading to fields, the Jotsoma Youth Organisation (JYO) wishes all Jotsoma villagers and neighbouring villages “Happy Chada Nyi” . This festival is celebrated by the villagers right after paddy cultivation season by cleaning the village roads as well as clearing the footpaths leading to their fields. Through this release we share the wisdom of our forefathers in choosing the timing of the festival as well as their conscious desire to keep the village clean. As we all know that by August, almost all the plants and bushes matures but are yet to flower and seed and therefore, once cut it usually do not grow again till the spring season comes and that is how the roads and footpaths remained clean and cleared of all road side plants and bushes throughout the year, a simple yet appreciable wisdom.

As we celebrate Chada Nyi, the JYO regrets to see the failure of the government in maintaining the “Jotsoma Bye-Pass Road (Victory Road)” despite of the fact that every monsoon season, vehicles are diverted to the Bye Pass Road because of landslide at NH 29. This year too, for the second time the Bye Pass is being used by the commuters traveling NH 29 to Kohima/Dimapur and beyond. It is not only the Bye-Pass Road but commuters used and are using the Village Road to reach Kohima via Science College and vice-versa. The unrepaired and unmaintained road has been causing frequent avoidable accidents and breakdown of vehicles causing untold sufferings to the travelers. It may be mentioned that the Village of Jotsoma has been repairing the Bye-Pass Road and the Village Road by filling up potholes for many years on the occasion of Chada Nyi, the festival of cleaning roads and footpaths in the interest of the general public.

This year “Chada Nyi” will be celebrated on 10th August (Saturday) and besides cleaning the footpaths leading to respective fields, the JYO shall be focusing in the repair of Village Road from “Kohima, Dimapur, Khonoma Tri-Junction” near St. Andrew’s Church Jotsoma till the Welcome Gate at “Tsieyie Dzü” stream, Science College-Kohima Road. Though this road has been a vital link road to Kohima, especially, during emergencies as is being faced at the moment, the road remained neglected and unrepaired for more than two decades. Therefore in 2014, the road was black topped by the villagers with the assurance from the Government that the entire expenditure incurred by the villagers shall be reimbursed. The villagers through their own sources mobilized Rs 1.60 Crore and on completion of the road by mid-April, 2014 submitted the bill to the Department. Sadly, successive governments failed to reimburse even a single rupee till date.

Despite of the failure to maintain or repair the roads, the Jotsoma Stone Crushers union volunteered to supply all the stone chips required for repairing the village road, the Jotsoma Truck and Excavator Owners volunteered to let their machineries carry and clear the debris on the road free of cost. Therefore, on the occasion of the “Chada Nyi”, the villagers shall repair the village road from the “Tri-Junction” near St. Andrew’s Church Jotsoma till the Welcome Gate at “Tsieyier Dzü” stream, Science College-Kohima Road. In view of the repair work to be carried out, the public are hereby notify that vehicular movement shall be closed on 10th August, 2019 from 7:00 AM till 5:00 PM on this road. However, vehicle carrying school going children and students of Kohima Science College, Jotsoma and Sazolie College are exempted during the school and college hours. In case of any other emergencies, commuters may kindly contact the JYO volunteers or the phone numbers provided below.

Further, through this release the JYO would like to inform all the travelers traveling the By-Pass Road to Kohima or Dimapur that it is the endeavour of JYO to let travelers pass through the Jotsoma area without any trouble or hardship and in this regard, commuters requiring any help, be it mechanical in case of vehicular breakdown or otherwise, travelers may kindly contact these numbers 9612161116, 9436875905, 8119962922 and 7005607282. Further, the commuters are requested not to litter the road side especially with plastic waste as the village has been endeavouring to keep the village PLASTIC FREE.

Khrieto Peseyie,President
Jotsoma Youth Organisation;

Rokozhalie Gwerie, Secretary
Jotsoma Youth Organisation

By EMN Updated: Aug 07, 2019 11:19:34 pm