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Guv bats for change in edu system

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PUTTING forward his futuristic vision for 2050 particularly in the education system, State Governor Dr. Ashwani Kumar, has advocated requisite changes in mindset and curriculums of educational institutions, who also said that the future should be met with appropriate institutions of three categories namely: Research in innovations for developments, Professional in disciplines of law, trades and technical and Distance or open educations.Asserting that the time is ripe to change the British system of education introduced in 1850 by Lord McCauley which was intended only to impact literacy to suit clerk jobs, the Governor has expressed inclination towards orientation of higher education for professional courses after high school or higher secondary standards. He said mere Degree levels will have no value and be equivalent to Class XII only. The Governor said this while interacting with the students of Sao Chang Government in Tuensang on January 31.
The Governor was of the view that the decision to pursue higher education should be determined by choice either to stay in the State or to go outside the State. According to him, the first choice should entail the decision to go for professional courses whereas the second choice should impel further higher studies.
In a candid discourse, Governor said State has rich resources but without professional human resources. He has, therefore, advised the students to opt for professional courses. He cited the current case of the Wazeho Cement Plant where the government had invested Rs 300 crores to upgrade its capacity but is lying non-operational due to lack of professionals to take over the business.
He challenged the students to meet the requirements to hold and run development projects instead of continually pointing fingers at the government. “Let us be job providers and not lose morale despite prevalence of mismanagements and corruptions in the social system,” he said.
On the issue of reservation for women, the Governor felt that the decision should come from community opinion. While observing that Naga women seemed to contribute and shouldering more responsibilities, the Governor said women deserve to get their proper share and place in the society.
Education minister, CM Chang, in his key note address, attributed the present Governor as pro-youth Governor and urged students to feel at ease to interact and pose queries seeking his views and guidance in issues pertaining to their academic and career prospects.
During the interaction, Dr. Ashwani shared his views and vision with the students while the students poured out many queries relating to funding of higher studies, government support avenues, standards of education, reservation for women and his vision and suggestions for employment and changes.
The vote of thanks was delivered by the Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang, Mhabemo Lotha.

Dr Ashwani visits House of Hope


GOVERNOR Dr. Ashwani Kumar visited the House of Hope, run by the Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS), on January 31. The ECS runs the House of Hope complex at Longphang where the society has a hospital and monitors and operates many social welfare schemes and projects for the surrounding villages.
The Governor was presented a power point presentation on the various humanitarian, social and welfare activities. All the projects were operated for the community and Self Help Groups with community participatory approach for their economic uplift.
Governor was impressed with the activities and achievements of the Society. The House of Hope is the answer to the question of sustainable community based self-help development, he said. He compared the complex to a Ramakrishna Mission Complex in the Sundarban, where a lone Sadhu runs a hostel complex for 700 girls. The Mission Complex is entirely managed by the single Sadhu for all government programmes and projects without the involvement of government officials, he said.
The Governor further hoped that the House of Hope would act as the centre of attention and of influence to the rest of the State and of North East region.

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